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Under Franklin Street Bridge (Near Crypt)

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Ever since finding out and searching for the Franklin Street bridge crypt, I have been fascinated by the apparent porch under the bridge there that appears to be remnants of the old Franklin Street bridge. It appears to have direct access to the Magnolia Brewery building, but I don't know what they use it for. I have posted pictures here, just in case you don't know what I'm talking about. Does anyone know if this is indeed parts of the old Franklin Street bridge or not?




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Houstorians details, didn't know the bridge was blamed for the flooding of downtown,1935. From the pics I've seen, the brewery and the whole establishment, including the bridge, were quite elaborate. Even had a stable that extended over the bayou. Would guess those ornamental planters are from the Victorian time period.

Good pics.


mentions brick work.


after checking out this Magnolia Brewery site, maybe the stable over the water was just an idea, last pic is referred to as a concept.

anyone know for sure?

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the brewery was enormous, did have bldgs. on both north & south sides of bayou, with a connection bridge, at one time.

Maps from @ the 1930's show Washington Ave. fed into Franklin by bridge, trolley or streetcar line, and all.

Looks like floods (1929,1935), prohibition, & competition were major hinderances.

The bit about the Busch Brewery was interesting, at @ the UH-Downtown site.

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Ever watch "Antiques Roadshow"? and the expert explains, "With its original finish, it would easily be worth $15,000. However, your experiment with Brasso and steel wool have diminished its value. At auction it might bring $500."

I hope the City doesn't 'improve' this area. I hope it remains exactly as it is; a secret place, to be discovered.

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On 4/7/2011 at 5:35 PM, kylejack said:

That patio belongs to what was formerly Pink Monkey, and before that, Power Tools.

This is how/where we used to get into Power Tools when we were underage. Hop down to the bayou & walk along the bank (sometimes insanely muddy...because Houston), and into a back door that was never locked. This was a couple years before we frequented legally every Thurs & Sat night & before friends ended up running & owning the joint. Hell, I even worked the door there for a bit. I never knew about a crypt there but I remember a massive flood in '92 (I think...could be '93) that shut PT down for a while so they took over a basement space next door that could've very well been a crypt. I can still smell the wet limestone & mold!

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