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Bungalow Renovation In The Heights

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I am looking to add a bedroom, bathroom, utility room and back porch to my 1200 sq foot Heights bungalow. I'd appreciate any recommendations on designer/builders specializing in Heights bungalow renovation. High-end companies like Bungalow Revival might be out of the price range, but all suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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Don't count out Bungalow Revival. Not everything they do is high-end. And it may be worth a few extra bucks to go with them. They have really mastered the art of the seamless addition by using reclaimed flooring and closely matching trim and design of the existing bungalow.

I am pretty sure these guys worked on my house before I bought it: http://www.morserenovationsandcustomhomes.com. They know there way around old bungalows but are not quite the artisans that the Bungalow Revival guys are. They do a good job of blending modern updates into old bungalows. Definitely worth giving them a ring.

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No personal experience on large renovation jobs, but we've used Lucas Craftsmanship for various small maintenance/renovation jobs on our camelback, replacing doors, countertops, a little bit of sheetrock work. They are conscientious and have always done right by us.

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Bungalow Revival and Lucas Craftsmanship are still around and some of the best of those who do historic homes in the Heights.  

Since then, I would also add Contemporary Craftsman (https://www.facebook.com/TheContemporaryCraftsmen/) and Bishop Building Co.  (https://www.bishopbuildingtx.com/) to the list of people you might want to check out.  Contemporary Craftsman does work that is similar to Bungalow Revival.  More design and preservation/authenticity oriented than most.  Bishop is not as design oriented, but has a lot of experience with Heights homes.  Both are owned by long time Heights residents.  

I would be wary of builders in the Heights who are primarily doing new construction and do not have much experience with renovations/additions and with builders who are relatively new to the neighborhood.  The talent pool for working with historic homes and HAHC is surprisingly shallow in Houston.  I can't name names, but over the years there have been a number of really bad builders in the Heights.  Some have come and gone, some are still going strong (unfortunately).  Definitely do your homework before choosing a builder in the Heights.


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