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City Directory Term Question

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Hi all - while looking through some Texas City directories from the 1950s and 1960s, I noticed a few times throughout the term "white-owners." It seems to be a heading for a segment of houses/housing, but nothing about subdivisions/owners being named that. I may be naive, but if it isn't the obvious, what does it mean? TIA!


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I see that zip code there which would indicate that this directory was post 1963, when the zip codes were created. I guess you could check the directory from 1965 (post Civil Rights Act) on and see whether "white-owners" was still there, when blatant racism in real estate was no longer legal. I would also think that the directory would have some kind of decoder index for that designation.

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I've never encountered that before, and I've looked at a lot of old directories. My first inclination is that it's not a ethnic term, not all the names reflect "white", Lopez for example. Could it have something to do with the prefix on the phone numbers? Ours was mi5, for the southeast side of Houston, in the early 1960's. Just an idea. Does "white" appear throughout the listing, or just in one section or page? I too, would think there is a key in the index for the term, as well as the A., D,and C with $.

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