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After Dark


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Recently one of my cousins (who lives in the Rice area, not the one who had the METRORail discussion with me) posted this on her Facebook.

Even the nice neighborhoods north of Rice aren't very safe. Last night while I was walking back to my car at about 10pm, I noticed a car parked on Ashby with the engine running and parking lights on (not headlights). I thought to myself, "Kind of weird, but maybe someone is just waiting in their car." A couple of minutes later, the car was slowly following me (still with just the parking lights -- no headlights). Note that it was originally parked pointing in the opposite direction, which means it turned around. When it got close enough for me to hear the engine running, I turned my head to look, noticing that it was the same car I saw before. When I did that, it immediately sped up and left. Man, that was a close call.

Stay alert. Look around. Park as close to your building as possible. Don't walk in the shadows. Don't walk near creepy cars or people. Carry mace. I'm going to start carrying mine again. I probably would've felt safer on my bike because I would've been less vulnerable, but riding a bike at 10pm still isn't very safe.

Guys, if a girl asks you to give her a ride or accompany her somewhere after dark, then do it. Simply for safety reasons if nothing else. If you know she's about to go walking around by herself at night, then she shouldn't even have to ask you to go with her. In fact, you should go with her even if she says no. (But ladies, don't take that as an excuse to refuse or not to ask.) There are creepy people out there in places you least expect them.

Just kind of a public service announcement.

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IIRC, many of the email warnings from crime on campus had something to do with assailants lurking around the streets just north of Rice Blvd.

Seems rather obvious to follow someone down the street slowly, though (and plenty of time to get the plate and phone it in)...

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