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Polished Concrete Flooring


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As you may have read in a previous post, I recently had a pipe burst in my super mod house in Glenbrook Valley. The water damaged my fritz tile and I think my replace value insurance will replace it. I wasn't happy with fritz tile, and I'm considering polished concrete in all the areas that will be replaced. Does anyone have any experience with this flooring ?

Specific questions:

I've heard it can be hardened and made more dense so that it isn't as porous as regular conctrete ?

I've seen commercial instalations that looked ok, but have heard polished concrete can be made to look like poured terrazzo ?

Please let me know of any experience you've had with it, and your observations. I'm getting antsy to pull this place together again.

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i'm considering this for two properties as well. i'm not familiar with the process and am concerning about the buffing process...will i have to move all the furniture?

these properties have carpet that needs to be replaced and i don't know if laminate floors will be cost effective. would a concrete treatment be worthwhile?

looking forward to responses!


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My experience with stained concrete was in an Urban Loft townhome. The floor was poorly done. It looked gorgeous, but it had a sealer on it that just never seemed to have set. It was almost tacky (in a tactile way). Rug pads, rubber balls, even sneakers left on the floor would adhere to it, and then pull off the sealer and some of the color when you removed them.

I looked into having it redone or fixed, and was told it was better to have it polished but then have nothing put on it... no sealer. Then you have the durability of concrete, instead of a sticky floor that shows marks and flaws.

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As you may have read in a previous post, I recently had a pipe burst in my super mod house in Glenbrook Valley.

did you mention previously that the contractor told you that you had moisture issues coming from the foundation? have you had foundation work done?

only reason i ask is that I know someone else that had moisture issues with water wicking through the foundation that was not sealed properly after foundation work.

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I recently had our fifty year old concrete floors diamond polished and the look and feel is incredible. The company I used was Texas Concrete Effects. I saved $1 per sq ft by not staining the concrete in addition to the polish. And the floors have turned out fabulous without a stain. James went up to 1400 grit on our job. For those of you with old slabs, be aware that you will not get as much of the terrazzo look because the strength of the older concrete made it almost impossible for the machines to grind deeply enough to reach the gravel in our concrete. One of the great results with this flooring option is the fact that the concrete is made less porous by the grinding process, so if something spills it's not leaching through the entire slab.

Here are some pictures of the final look...

After the kitchen remodel the majority of the comments have been the visitors' interest in the concrete, go figure!


Close-up... the squares outline where the original vinyl composite tiles were installed. The lines were created by years of cleaning fluid that worked its way between the tiles and into the concrete.


The website of our contractor...


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