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Sam Maceo Home At 43 Cedar Lawn Cir.


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I had a feeling this one would be for sale at some point this year. Designed by the same architect that built Frank Sinatra's house in Palm Springs, this house has an interesting history. It was built for Sam Maceo, owner of the Balinese Room. http://search.har.com/engine/dispSearch.cfm?mlnum=45558961&backButton=Y&Address=43%20Cedar%20Lawn%20Cir

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That picture on HAR is misleading. I guess it's the lighting and professional staging.

I was once had been friends with a family that lived in Cedar Lawn back in the 1960's and 70's I visited them often back then. We crawled all over this yard and others in the  neighborhood, including the Francis Moody mansion across the street. The Maceo home looked pretty run down even back then. We would sometimes hang out over the fence in the backyard of a house backing up to 45th St. and through water balloons at passing cars ("targets" as we called them.) If we got pursued (which was the purpose), we'd run and seek refuge behind the Maceo wall or the Moody wall. One of the neighborhood boys that would sometimes be with us lived in the house adjacent to the Maceo home which occupied the only other lot on that pie shaped block. Once the police got called. We took refuge in this boy's house, and his mother covered for us, stating that we had been inside and upstairs the whole evening. Gotta love her! 

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According to GCAD it changed hands in 2013 and again in 2016. I think it was a Mod of the Month sometime after the ownership change in 2013, as I drove down to Galveston and toured it then. It looks like a few things have been updated since the current owners bought it. It's a really nice house if you're a fan of the style. If I were independently wealthy I'd be sorely tempted by it, but I have to wonder why it's changed hands so frequently. The current owners must be anxious to unload it if they've reduced the price almost 19% (or their previous asking price was unrealistic to begin with), but when I was there I commented that if the same house were in Houston, it would probably fetch close to twice what it could in Galveston. 

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  • The title was changed to 43 Cedar Lawn Circle in Galveston for Sale
  • The title was changed to Sam Maceo Home At 43 Cedar Lawn Cir.

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