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Home At 331 Gershwin Dr.


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This isn't a real estate posting, so let's just make that clear. ;)


This house was built by my best friend's parents, on the lot where their old house used to be. Happens a lot in that neighborhood - the families "outgrow" the older home that was there (and that they'd usually been living in for 10 to 15 years) and build something new - but this was the first house in the neighborhood to set that trend.

My friend's mother was an artist from Columbia who did very dramatic, mixed-media pieces and the walls of the home doubled as her gallery space. It was basically built as a giant art gallery where she would have showings/parties with an entertaining area in the middle and a huge kitchen to feed all the guests. The bedrooms were more of an afterthought, but still planned out very nicely with extremely European bathrooms (read: bidets).

The family moved out of the house about three years ago and it was bought by whomever is selling it now. It's amusing to me to see how the home is decorated without the enormous works of art and very imposing, Baroque antique Columbian furniture throughout the home. Looked so much better before...

Anyway, thought y'all would be interested to see an example of a very inner loop type of house outside the Beltway, in Memorial. :D

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