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Someburger Stand At 745 E. 11th St.


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I'm not sure what they "bought" if they did, because doesn't Suzanne Anderson own that property? Or even if she doesn't, she just spend alot of $$ rehabbing that building and turning into her real estate office, so I'm not sure exactly what Landry's would own and/or be able to do with it. I know someone who works for Landry's corporate and they claimed to know nothing about that spot (and this person would be in a position to know about future developments).

Either way, sure would hate to lose Someburger....that place has the best burgers around. :-)

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If you search a little farther back in this forum, there is a HUGE thread about this very topic. In fact, googling "Fertitta Someburger Heights" is how I found HAIF in the 1st place. LOL!

Anyway, I can't remember exactly how the conclusion was determined, but the consensus at the end was that Tillman did not buy Someburger.

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  • The title was changed to Fertitta In The Heights?
  • The title was changed to Someburger Stand At 745 E. 11th St.

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