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Houston Rates As Top Ten "tech" City

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2nd in transportation innovation, including the efficient use of mass transit and the prevalence of alternative fueling stations; 23rd in hospitals and in emergency response, including the number of clinical trials and the use of GPS by emergency-medical personnel;

efficient of mass transit? do they count freeways as mass transit?

23rd in hospitals?


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Although not noted for its award-winning mass transit in the eyes of the staunchest urban enthusiasts (and understandably so), Houston does still operate one of the nation's largest public transit agencies. Also consider the fact that it now has added a rail system that connects things like UH-Downtown, HCC, Rice and the various medical schools that make up the TMC, especially since said rail line carries more people per revenue mile than any other light rail system currently in operation. The last is the very definition of efficient use of transportation, even if most of us would like to have much more rail service.

But as I said, take it for what it is. It does use a different methodology than some other agencies/mags that conduct such rankings.

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Alert the media!  Dallas and Ft. Worth have merged!

Sure the report didn't mean to say "El Paso-Juarez" (like Dallas-Ft.Worth) after all El Paso-Las Cruces or El Paso-Juarez is JUST as connected as D/FW!

One time when we had a gas hike (not at bad as now) the DJ for El Paso told all the drivers to go to New Mexico to get gas and tell the gas industry we mean business.

Also El Paso/Las Cruces depend on each other ALOT that alot of times their sharing stations but yet they are "friendly rivals". They help each other (the cities) but the schools rival in atheletics as any close knit cities would.

What would Houston be? LOL

Houston, Bellaire, Sugar Land, Galveston, etc... LOL :P

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