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Times Center Building At 2444 Times Blvd.


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Just a quick research-y question (I'm trying to put together a small page on this building): can anyone confirm that the 2400 Bolsover building is Hood's Times Building? The rendering posted earlier looks like it, but it would have been altered quite a bit in the build-out...



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These are two different buildings.

The one with the green tile that was recently demolished was the

Texas Gas Building

2472 Bolsover Road

Houston, Texas

If I remember correctly, Lars Bang said the architect was Alfred C. Finn.

This building was very conventional in design and structure yet attractive, well constructed and had some good features like the mixture of retail, restaurants and offices. The drive through opening was also unusual.

The other building you show a rendering of is the

Times Center Building

2444 Times Boulevard

Houston, Texas

Architects were Lucian Hood and Lars Bang.

Lars Bang was the builder.

Kenneth Schnitzer was the owner/developer.

This building was on the cutting edge locally for its time due to the design, structural framework, and method of construction. There was an article written about it in the Examiner last December. The Examiner offices are presently located in the building. Lars Bang also officed in the building. Houston Mod displayed the original framed water color rendering, loaned courtesy of William Carl, at an exhibit in 2007. The blue Cadillac shown in the drawing was Lucian Hood's own car at the time. Lucian Hood was a masterful architectural graphic artist. The Times building has unfortunately been drastically altered in appearance with the addition of new glazing. Some of the original interior details remain. It seems it would have been a great setting for an early 007 movie.

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My grandfather John Olson was the original owner of the building at

2472 Bolsover and many of the small strip centers in the Villaga area.

I asked my father, John L. Olson, if he had any information about the

original construction of the Texas Gas Building:

"I'm not sure about the building itself, but I'm pretty sure it's not

who they credit. It could have also been Flynn & Flynn. Actually

there may not have even been an "architect". Probably most, if not

all, of the design could be attributed to my father John Olson. I

know the structural enginnering firm was Walter P Moore. The seal on

the engineering design plans said Walter Zimmerman.

The building was built in 1956-57. It was 4 stories plus a small

"penthouse" for mechanical equipment. It had approximately 60,000

square feet and was about 88% efficient in terms of net rentable

space. It was reinforced concrete with concrete pan-joist

construction, and was considered the first "high rise" in Southwest

Houston, and maybe in all of Houston outside of downtown.

In my mind, the most unique feature of the building was the "eyebrows"

(as one of my cousins called them) - the overhangs around the

building. They added immensely to the energy efficiency of the

building by shielding the windows from direct sunlight. The overhang

above the first floor was larger to shield the larger retail window

fronts on the first floor. The effect was no direct sunlight in the

Summer when the sun is high in the sky, but it did let some sunlight

in during the Winter months when the sun is low in the sky. This

reduced cooling expenses in the Summer and also helped to reduce

heating bills in the Winter. This same feature appeared on later

Olson buildings at 3801 Kirby and then at 3701 Kirby, which are still


My father and his brother Albert Olson Sr. operated as Olson Brothers.

I believe the company operated in the late 40's through the early

70's. Albert Olson, Sr. died in the late 50's and his sons Thomas and

Albert, Jr. continued to operate in the business. Thomas died in the

late 60's I believe. Olson Brothers later became Olson, Inc., which

was bought out by La Mesa who still operates many of the same

properties in the area.

The Bolsover building was sold to a New York firm in the early 60's I

believe. It was again purchased by me and my brother Franklin Olson

in the 70's. We operated it until the early 2000's when we sold it to

La Mesa. They have since demolished it and plan a new multi function

facility on the site as well as adjoining properties that they alread

owned from their original purchase from Olson Inc.

Prior to building 2472 Bolsover, Olson Brothers built and owned

several other buildings in the Village including retail on Rice Blvd.,

Bolsover, Times Blvd (not the 2444 Times building mentioned), and

Amherst. One unique feature of 3 of their Village retail properties

is parking on the roof.

John L Olson"

Meri Katherine Olson meri.olson@gmail.com

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  • The title was changed to Times Center Building At 2444 Times Blvd.

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