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Another Mod Bites The Dust... For An English Tudor


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I love Old Braeswood and that house is one of the anchors of the modern part of the neighborhood.

So - to the realtor that I just responded to in the other post - see what you're up against?! As much as your clients want to buy a mod and restore it, someone else wants to see it torn down.

This is a crying shame.


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I do have to say that this particular builder constructs very nice homes. While I may not be a fan of the faux mediterranean look, his tend to incorporate higher quality materials.

The exterior finishes may be expensive, but I would not call their homes "nice". Whoever designs Covington's homes has no sense of scale; all the architectural components are huge, giving their homes a chunky and crude appearance. While the design intent is there, the results need some additional refinement to qualify as "nice".

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I dropped by and took a look yesterday and the camera angle they got on this picture is amazing. It makes the house look so tiny, when it's actually pretty big. I also took notice that there isn't really that much new construction in the neighborhood compared to Tanglewood or Bellaire. The neighborhood is an interesting mix of "West U" style 2 storys and mid-century ranch homes.

I took my own pictures so when I get them out of the camera I'll post them.


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