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Home At 118 Hickory Ridge Dr.


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I may be thinking of the wrong people, but I'm pretty sure the new owners of this house had contacted Houston Mod and were planning on inviting us over to see it once they had it fixed up. Maybe they changed their mind. I'll have to search old emails to figure it out.


This was for sale several months -- maybe a year -- ago. I assumed it sold, but the photos are the same so probably they're just trying again.
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This house is currently being restored. I drove by yesterday and it already looks more lively and rich. The exterior walls used to have mildew on them, but it looks like that's been remedied. The new owners are also putting in some landscaping, which a definite improvement over the way the house has been.

This house was built by Vale for a family named Hayes, and has many interesting custom touches, as you can see from the photos. Mr. Vale never told me the story on it, so I can't really provide much more information.

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  • The title was changed to Home Designed By Wylie W. Vale At 118 Hickory Ridge Dr.
  • The title was changed to Home At 118 Hickory Ridge Dr.

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