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I've always wondered why we don't have a section devoted to dining & entertainment here. Maybe a forum called Dining & Entertainment with sub-forums such as:

Restaurants / Diners

Coffee Houses / Ice Cream Parlors

Theatre / Ballet / Symphony

Nightlife (Bars & Clubs)

What does everyone think? It would be nice to have people report back on new spots so we'll know whether or not we'll get ripped off or have the night of our life.

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Boy, I don't know. We're not less qualified to mouth off about restaurants than the people that post on those other sites. Plus, here you could get more for your restaurant review: not just talk about the food and service, but how the restaurant looks, and whether it is "urban" enough, and the impact on traffic, and whether it is helping develop the neighborhood! :lol:

To 27's point, I wouldn't break out coffee houses etc. Maybe just have sub-topics for bars, restaurants, and all other entertainment lumped together ("Eat", "Drink", and "Be Merry"?). The last one could maybe cover not just theater and ballet, but sports, movies, etc. as well.

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I think it would also be nice for general invites to the community.

"Heading to Vito's at 7, anyone wanna join for a few beers?" That kind of thing.

Also a good spot for people to let us know what movie to NOT go see this week, etc.

I dont see how it could DETRACT from the quality of the site, so it seems like an easy decision.

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Heard elsewhere on the internet: Salad isn't food. Salad is what food eats.

That said, I think if we were to add an eat/drink/be merry section, one of the other sections would have to go. I'd like to avoid the place getting too cluttered.

Any suggestions?

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I would agree with those suggestions for the most part. Stadia, Holy Places, Main St Project, and Haunted Houston probably don't get enough traffic to merit a separate topic area. It would make sense to group the area forums into "Houston Metro" and "Outside Houston". I would keep the Outside Houston grouping because there is a relatively high level of interest in these other areas, with the exception of New Orleans which could be dropped.

Under "dining and entertainment", I would keep it simple. Restaurants, Bars & Clubs, and everything else. Perhaps a sub-forum for Sports would be merited, but as of yet I'm not sure we've seen enough interest to justify it.

I think "Way Off Topic" should be kept. I think it has worked out well to have a designated place for people to vent about those issues, since as we saw on the old forum, otherwise it inevitably runs off into the other topic areas.

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I don't mind it, I just worry about kids reading it. I want this place to shine. I'd hate for a parent to think it's unworthy of research, or learning.

Point taken, but seriously, I don't think there's anything in those areas that's really offensive and inappropriate. And certainly there's nothing there that kids couldn't find in millions of other places. To me that's really a nonissue.

I think the "Way Off Topic" forum should stay because in the old days before it was there that stuff still got posted. Only then it was in the middle of topic areas that had nothing to do with what was being posted. At least this way it's there if you want to read it and respond but it's not cluttering up the rest of the forum.

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