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Looking For A Bookstore


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I am looking for a text book typically taught for computer science courses. I have already checked Barnes and Nobles but they dont carry it and I dont think Borders would have it either.

Where in Houston can I go to look for this book? There must be a bookstore near Rice University. If so, where is it located?

Since its kinda urgent, I cant order it from Amazon.

Thanks for the help!

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Try Half Price, in Rice Village. They might have some old/used textbooks (and maybe the one you need).

Also, they have a large computer books section (I think)

I hope this helps!

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Try a search on campusi.com They search a ton of online booksellers.

BTW, I hate Half Price Books....they don't have any sort of online inventory system, so if you're looking for a particular book its a FU, dig for yourself type of thing.

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Try microcenter. Tons of computer books.


Wow! Nice map :)

I checked bookstop, Borders and half-price bookstore yesterday. Unfortunately, while they all have computer books, none of carries text books. So I ended up ordering it from Amazon and paying (sigh) for 1-day delivery.

About bookstop, converting an old theatre to a bookstore was a nifty idea! It looks cool.

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