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  1. I've been meaning to give the new location a try. Today, however, I passed it up in favor of Byrd's and tried their turkey and swiss. Not a bad sandwich but a little expensive. Ziggy's is definitely next up.
  2. One can only hope. Those are some gorgeous sightlines. The design elements and shapes, particularly along the rooflines, represent a nice change of pace for Houston.
  3. Nice photo angle. I'm very excited to see the asthetics of this particular corner after the completion of the new hotel. The location already screams vibrancy.
  4. The project's turned out nicely, IMO. I realize there was some consternation over the lack of retail included (or the complete absence of it) but given the retail opportunities near by, I don't think it's a big deal. If anyone would ever develop the superblock, that would be one of the more desired areas of Midtown, especially when you consider the proximity to the McGowen rail stop.
  5. In my ten-plus years of living in Houston, I've seen about a two dozen gators, and roughly half of them have been in or along the banks of Buffalo Bayou. I have a co-worker who saw one crawling into White Oak Bayou just as you're past the I-10 heading into Woodland Heights. Doesn't seem like the concrete basin would be appealing to them but that's their story. But back on topic: part of me agrees with Subdude in that I would like to see more of the original construction and design incorporated into the renovation but the new design isn't unattractive to me either. My bigger issue is with the pace of the bayou's restoration going east towards the Ship Channel. The bayou would be more of a draw if the city would make longer stretches of it approachable.
  6. The elaborate pontificiaton of the street...

  7. LOL @ construction porn. And I'm interested to see what the landscaping will be around the hotel. I actually like the landscaping around some of the HC buildings, and given the popularity of Discovery Green, I hope the hotel maintains a nice mix of urbanity and greenery.
  8. I suspect the image isn't of accurate proportion and that the stadium will appear to be noticeably taller than that in real life.
  9. I perspire easily but I still don't mind walking 2 or 3 blocks at lunch time. The only thing that discourages me from walking is when my breathing is out of whack. But different strokes... In any case, having a larger pool of potential customers even closer is a win for all parties.
  10. If I'm not mistaken, didn't the original image of La Quinta's design have a bit of a Mediterranean theme to it? It was actually more impressive than anyone expected when the news first came out. Of course, I might be confusing projects.
  11. Kobe can't throw elbows with broken arms. Problem solved. Too bad Joey Dorsey can't suit up tonight.
  12. Nice photos. Can't wait to see the blue skin once the building tops out.
  13. It seems most visible when viewing it from the north. It actually makes quite an impression on the Museum District skyline.
  14. Exactly. While there may, in fact, be revisions and redesigns of the project requiring city approval, this is dealing more with the financial incentives. Heh. Not that I'm trying to belittle the project (believe me, I think it's very exciting), I can't help but think of the opening to Mister Roger's Neighborhood when I see this image.
  15. I have to admit that the intersection turned out very well (Long Point @ Wirt). I suppose a similar phenomena is taking place at Belaire and Fondren in Sharpstown--although, from what I've heard, many of the MCMs of the neighborhoods nearest to that intersection are being bought and refurbished and the surrounding neighborhoods are seeing a rise in property values.
  16. That artist's rendition paints (no pun) a rather ambituous development. Seems like I recall the Chronicle making references to a large scale project suited to the growing nanotech industry in Houston but this was from maybe 2004. I doubt this is the exact project they were hinting at then but I could see how it might have grown out of a culture of expanding interests concerning these types of projects. Hope this is the real groundbreaker for the industry going large here in town.
  17. First thought that crossed my mind as well. Don't know if that's the case but it's my first suspicion.
  18. This forum continues to crack me up in so many unintentional ways.
  19. Yeah, this along with the construction taking place two blocks over on McGowen @ Fannin really makes that section of Midtown seem a lot more busy than it had over the past couple of years.
  20. Right. I've eaten at the food court a few times. It's actually a nice setup. They've got a little walkway with outdoor tables out front, and bus stops are located at the north and south corners of the intersection between Bertner and Moursund. It's been a while, but I used to retreat from downtown at lunch to meet a friend.
  21. Unless there are some logistical concerns, Valentine's Day would be a nice grand finale for the rink IMO as well.
  22. Good eye, Musicman. Those lights really came out well in that photo.
  23. Yep. It comes off like a sly political land grab for the benefit of preferred private interests. Could be wrong-heh!-but that's how it reads right now.
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