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  1. The Paladium was owned by Johnny Martinez. Tony Sepolio was the booking agent. It probably closed in 1957. Don't know when it was torn down, but there was no demand for huge ballrooms after 1957 (except the Pan American club).
  2. Here's the dust jacket to Sig Byrd's Houston.
  3. Here is how Byrd appeared in the Houston Chronicle in January, 1962:
  4. The Champion Sisters are George Champion's daughters. George and Bennie were Houston artists. They never "made it big" nationally. Which is meaningless, anyway.
  5. Come to think of it, I did talk to someone who knew him, and described him as "a big, tall fellow." But he doesn't appear to be much taller than the rest of the band in the photo. Oh well. Anybody remember the pianist, George Champion? He played a lot with Bennie Hess as well.
  6. Great story. Looking at the picture, I doubt Carl was 6'6".
  7. Here's a good pic of Utah Carl and the Gulf Coast Playboys in Channel 13 Studios. 1958? Left to right: Herbie Treece, Utah Carl, Clem Kujawa, Sam Reece, Wiley Barkdull, and George Champion on piano.
  8. The Pilgrim Temple was on the eastern edge of the Fourth Ward, and its most important building. I was surprised to see a photo of the building. Actually hearing people who went there was an amazing bonus. 60 cents to see Earl Hines... Houston Informer, Feb. 18, 1939:
  9. That's great...caged go-go girls was very 1966, so it had to be around that time. So far you're the only soul in Houston to actually remember Lou's Ricksha Lounge, a "semi-hippy hangout," according to Blues Unlimited magazine.
  10. So did your mom go to 105 1/5 Main during it's "western" incarnation, or earlier? Never heard of the Acapulco, but Eloy Perez was very well known locally.
  11. There was a place located in the 100 block of Main for many years known as "105 1/2 Main." In the 1940s it was called Main Street Dance Hall. Around 1950 it became R.D. Hendon's Western Jamboree Dance Hall. (I'm not aware of a "108 Club.") The End o' Main was, as you say, at the opposite end of South Main. It was around for many, many years but I've never seen any documentation or photos of it.
  12. I double-checked on this today, and "Udemi Lane" is correct. Here is the 1962 Houston city directory: UDEMI LN (from a dead end south 2 blks to Westheimer Rd., 2 west of Kitty) 2426 Manuel Udemi 2509 The Key Club - private 2510 Tomy (sic) Udemi The 1964 city directory is the same except "Jester Lounge" has replaced the Key Club. So I'm guessing that "Udemi Lane," with just three lots, was the start of Midlane north of Westheimer. Except nobody noticed that it was called Udemi Lane. In a related note, "The Bird Lounge" was on 2305 S. Shepherd. It was called "The Little Jazz Bird" in the 1962 city directory, and just "The Bird" in '64. I've confirmed that it was inspired by Charlie "Bird" Parker and obviously was a jazz oriented club, not a "folk" club like I initially speculated. It was replaced by "Lu's Ricksha Lounge" by the 1966 city directory. Lightnin' Hopkins played both incarnations.
  13. There is a good photo of Utah Carl and a few of his songs featured on the reissue "Complete D Singles Volume 1": http://www.bear-family.de/cd-dvd-series/co...ook.html?lang=1
  14. Yes, I was just quoting the city directory with its "Udemi Ln," but noticed that this street is not listed on current Houston maps. Your explanation makes more sense.
  15. From the 1964 City Directory The Jester Lounge 2509 Udemi Lane The Bird 2305 S. Shepherd Owners of the Bird are listed as Miguel R. Ogando and Mrs. Wanda Parker. So there you have it. Lightnin' Hopkins did actually appear west of Main in the early '60s. (2305 S. Shepherd is now that 10-story white building. 2509 Udemi is no longer a street.)
  16. There's an album from 1964 entitled "Lightnin' Hopkins Live at the Bird Lounge, Houston, Texas." This must have been a short lived club. I've never heard any oldtimers ever mention "The Bird Lounge." The Jester was better known and around for a few years, say 1961-1965. As far as I know, nothing's ever been written about this place. Lou's Ricksha Lounge was supposedly connected to the Bird, or maybe a later incarnation. All three places were supposed to have been on Shepherd Drive, around Westheimer up to West Gray. Somebody, please fill in some details. Anything...
  17. Typical tour schedule for struggling musicians in those days. Still is for some! Cook's Hoedown Club was actually in the heart of downtown on Capitol (and Milam?). Across the street from the City Auditorium (now Jones Hall). Floyd Tillman made a record called "Magnolia Gardens Waltz." It had been a recreational place since the '20s but I don't think they started having bands there until 1950. It was strictly country music. I guess it went downhill in the late '60s, like everything else...
  18. Ha ha...you are THERE! A must for your home phonograph
  19. The Eldorado Ballroom (Dowling @ Elgin) advertised itself as "Houston's Finest Dance Palace," and later "The Home of Happy Feet." The "house bands" at the Eldorado in the '40s were the Eldorado Express Orchestra, the I.H. Smalley Orchestra, and the Sammy Harris Orchestra. None of these are well-remembered today, however. This ad appeared in the Informer on February 10, 1945. Something was happening there basically every night.
  20. Harry James also played at the Paladium Club on South Main @ OST in about 1954. It was owned by local musician, Johnny Martinez. Everybody played there, even Elvis what's-his-name. It could seat 2,000 people.
  21. I'd love to find any period photos of the OUTSIDE/entrances of some of Houston's musical night spots of decades past: The Paladium Club (aka Jerry Irby's Texas Corral) on South Main Dokey's Hall Club Ebony on Dowling Cook's Hoedown Club on Capitol The End o' Main Dance Hall on South Main Western Jamboree Club - 105 1/2 Main Sixth and Studewood Dine & Dance Roseland Ballroom on Franklin Aragon Ballroom on Main The Brass Rail - downtown Any place on West Dallas or the 4th Ward Wonder Tavern in Pearland Harbor Lights on McCarty (vintage, not recent) to name a few. About the only clubs that exteriors do exist for are: The Jimmy Menutis Club, the Eldorado Ballroom, and the Club Matinee.
  22. Does anyone here have a copy that I scan, or know where I can find a copy? Please PM me if you do.
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