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Glenbrook Valley


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quick question...i noticed on the glenbrook valley website that 8131 Glenfalls St. was the first home bought in the neighborhood (the old paper clipping).

was this one of the homes demolished to widen the bayou? was the whole street taken?

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No, I think they just got the street name wrong, I am pretty sure that house is 8131 Glencrest.

Most of the houses taken out for the bayou widening were on the opposite bank, although I think one at the end of Colgate St. was demolished in the process.

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Me likey that one. It has some promise for a renovation that wouldn't ruin its heritage.

Noting wrong with bringing mid-cent-mods into the 21st cent is there?

Sharpstown is full of these kinds of homes. Geez, I sound like a broken record don't I.

Does anyone know the address of this house? I've been looking for it like crazy. Thanks in advance!

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Does the deed restrictions in Memorial Bend provide any relief from this sort of mod abuse? Is there anything in the restrictions regarding additions/modifications?

I know I'm late to the meeting on this one, but some California MCM neighborhoods found a successful legal defense against 2nd story additions to MCMs and McMansion construction next to/behind MCMs. The logic goes that homes with floor-to-ceiling glass facing their side/back yards are entitled to the same expectation of privacy that existed when they were built (with respect to viewing angles from neighboring houses). This legal approach works best in a neighborhood with a cluster of single-story MCMs (like the Eichlers in Cupertino, CA).

Hope that offers a potential direction to focus some of the well-justified neighborhood indignation I hear repeatedly from MCM owners and enthusiasts.

Good luck.

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