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Thomas Street Health Center At 2015 Thomas St.


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For reference, it is that large Italianate red-tile-roofed building that looks almost like it's on a hill, on your right as you're heading north on I-45 or west on I-10 coming from downtown. I've attached both a nice picture of the front of the building, and a picture of what the building looks like as seen from I-45. It is currently owed by Harris Health System, which says:



Harris Health System's Thomas Street Health Center is a freestanding HIV/AIDS clinic, which provides medical care and psychological and social services to those who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Physicians from Baylor College of Medicine and UTHealth provide primary and specialty care services, including: oncology, endocrinology, pain management, dermatology, rheumatology, women's health, adolescent health, ENT, neurology, and treatment and management of hepatitis C. Thomas Street also has on-site case management, pharmacy, physical therapy, psychiatry and counseling services. Thomas Street Health Center offers an extensive HIV health education curriculum and a variety of HIV/AIDS research initiatives. Renowned for its innovative and advanced clinical care, Thomas Street Health Center continues to significantly improve the lives and health of those living with HIV/AIDS.

Anyone know the full history of this building?

Thomas Street Health Center.jpg


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All I've found so far is that it was once a former hospital for Southern Pacific Railroad employees.


PS: I tried editing my OP to add that info, but this forum is acting wonky in both Chrome and Edge. Initially when I wrote the OP, Chrome wouldn't let me do anything other than post a poll, and now it won't let me edit. It also initially gave me trouble replying to the thread.

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  • The title was changed to Thomas Street Health Center At 2015 Thomas St.

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