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Keightely Hospital At 1319 Richmond Ave.

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Found this in the publication Diseases of the Nervous System Volume 1 dated 1940.

A little weird. I thought the Keightley Hospital was in Almeda On Anderson Road? I'm thinking it this was a second, more smaller location? I know Vivian Keightley started the company in Almeda, TX.

Also, wasn't 1319 Richmond the original location of the Kinkaid School? I see the advertisement mentions new building under construction. I wonder if this was when Kinkaid moved out and sold their land?

Okay, looking on HAIF I see the Kinkaid school was built in the 1920s, and was removed from directories in the 1940s.

Keightley Hospital
1319 Richmond, Houston, Texas Jackson 21539
(New bldg. under construction)

Member, Texas State Hospital Assn.
Registered with A.M.A.

Facilities for care of Neuropsychiatric Disorders


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