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HAIF Notes August 2019

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Hi everyone.  Sorry I didn't post about the updates I've been doing lately, but it's been mostly behind-the-scenes things.  Lots of security things, and some anti-spam measures.  You may have noticed the forum was unavailable for about 10 minutes today.  That was part of this.  Here's the highlights:


  • Added support for [Emoji 11](https://emojipedia.org/emoji-11.0/) emojis
  • Fixed an issue where the inbox list may be stuck showing a spinner when canceling a search in the personal messenger.
  • Fixed an issue where cover photos might disappear shortly after displaying
  • Fixed a layout issue with the mobile pagination buttons
  • Fixed broken login form
  • Fixed an issue with Flickr video embeds showing as photos
  • Fixed an issue with notifications not showing as unread
  • Disabled Grammarly from checking editor fields to prevent Grammarly from breaking HTML and causing broken posts
  • Disabled preloading of notification sound to speed up initial page load
  • Fixed an issue where recurring events may show on the wrong day in Calendar
  • Added back the ability to search personal messages by recipient and sender name, and removed the 365 day limit on results
  • Fixed an issue where the mobile keyboard would not be hidden after submitting the search form


As always, I'm tinkering with this and that in the background, so weirdness happens.  I usually work on HAIF around 4pm, so if something looks screwy about that time of the day, it's probably me pushing buttons.

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