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Harris County Appraisal District Map

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Several projects lined up for the East End area. Besides many townhouses being planned for the area, some of the upcoming projects include a hotel that would be linked to the George R. Brown Convention Center. I honestly forgot the name of it but I'm sure one of my fellow HAIFers has a link because I know it has already been posted here. It was the hotel located next to the Highway 59 with the skybridge going over it. That is still in the works. Another hotel located 5 blocks north at Rusk and Chartres is also in the plans. And Sister City Park Promenade is also in the developing stages for the area in general but it's prominently for the Dynamo Stadium crowd: Park link



If anyone can post the link for that hotel I'm talking about, I'll be glad to post it in here as well.


There's not too much more information I can say so you'll just have to go over these detailed drawings yourself. Generally, areas on the map with stripped lines are future planned projects with a few exceptions such as Oak Farms.






















Anyone can publicly view this map at START Houston on Delano St. for a limited time.

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