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Big Woodrow's In Midtown?


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Just caught wind that Big Woodrow's purchased the old Red Star Bar in Midtown (Fannin/McGowen). By word of mouth only...........anyone know anything about this?

I met one of the owners of Big Woodrows about two months ago and she mentioned they were moving to this location. I told her I was excited because I live a couple blocks away, and she said that's why they want to move to the area... "So your friends and you can walk over and have drinks... then walk home." She was a very sweet lady and said they were going to start major renovations on the building soon.

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Drove by last night. There's a city issued work permit on the door, but it doesn't look like anything has been done to the exterior or the balcony. Not sure if progress has been made on the interior.

Just found out the City of Houston Permitting Office will not allow Big Woodrow's to use the Red Star facility without structural updates in excess of $1,000,000.00. Big Woodrow's can't afford the city's requirements and will no longer be moving to Midtown and has plans of extending their lease at their current location on Richmond/Chimneyrock. The old Red Star building will be put up for sale within the next month.

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With Leon's Lounge having recently closed and now this, what a blow to that small area!

Either there's something really wrong with that building, or someone really didn't want Woodrow's in the area.

I'm sad for sure.

I thought I read somewhere that the new owners of Leon's Lounge were remodeling and it would be opening up again soon...

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they had just redone the place maybe a year or two ago.

all joking aside, once my friends and I built up the courage to actually venture in (rather than joke about the looks of the place as we walk by) it was a pretty chill dive. And they sold pearl in a can.

Hopefully, new and improved makes it a bit more open, but keeps the pearl in a can on the menu.

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  • The title was changed to Big Woodrow's In Midtown?

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