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Florence Crittenton Home At 3119 Caroline St.

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I discovered this and wondered if anyone else knows about it. I assume this would be a large size residential mansion in Midtown.  I wonder the architect?

From the newspaper The Houston Post. dated December 24, 1914.

Appeal For Girls.

Attention of Benevolent People Directed to Crittenton Home.

The following appeal has been issued by the board of control of the Florence Crittenton home of Houston in behalf of the unfortunate girls whom this institution is endeavoring to assist;

While the war in Europe is causing such distress and suffering among the people in the war zone, and we relief people in the war zone, while relief has been sent to the suffering one on the other side of the ocean, let us not forget the poor and unfortunate  that are among us.

As members of the board of control of the Florence Crittenton home of Houston we appeal to the charity-loving people of the city to help us to the extent of your ability in order to assist us in carrying on the great work among the unfortunate girls.

The home has been full of girls with their little ones during the past year and any assistance, either much or little, will be a great help to us. Send any donations of clothing and food to the home, 3119 Caroline Street, and money or checks to our treasurer, A.G. Howell, 505 Houston Land and Trust Company building.  

W.B. Hones, President
John Charles Harris, Secretary
A.G. Howell, Treasurer
Cleveland SeWall,
Mrs. F.B. Eastburn
Mrs. Norman G. Kittrell
Mrs. G. C. Warren
Mrs. Charles Stewart,
Dr. J. L. Gross


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I am getting a different staff list from another publication.  More information about the home too! Awesome!!  Next would be photos of the building. Can anyone find a picture?

1914-1915 Polk's Medical Register and Directory of North America
New York sanitariums

Houston- Florence Crittenton Home, 3119 Caroline. Est'd 1897. Capacity, 15. Private. Phys, J.P. Gibbs. Supt, Mrs. J.A. Marcee.


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It was a large house, not what I'd call a mansion.

There were Florence Crittenton Homes all over the country, the organization still exists. The Houston home was taken over by the DePelchin Faith Home years ago, they might have more information.

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