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It shouldn't be about the money, it's about recycling and keeping it out of the landfill. Of course if you burn a bunch of gas making a special trip to the scrapyard then it's probably a push from an environmental standpoint.

I suggest that you try setting it out on the curb on Saturday morning to see if anybody wants it. Odds are that it'll be out of your hair by the end of the weekend and someone will reuse it for something. And reuse is better than recylced from an environmental standpoint.

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A place that sells reclaimed items like Historic Houston might take it - it might also be a tax-deductible donation for whatever it may be worth.

Historic Houston's web site: http://www.historichouston.org/

The salvage warehouse is at 1307 W. Clay just west of Montrose (very inside the loop). The warehouse is open from 10:00am 'til 4:00pm Wednesday and Saturday. They have some neat stuff there as well as the more mundane (great if you have rent property).

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