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Ok you guys as I was headed toward Houston today, I saw this tower (currently on the 2nd floor and I sorta knew that somethng was being built there) but, I don't know how it will look when completed.... :P Its kind of ironic how the Galveston County Daily News did a story on this today though, they even have a pic.


Photo by Kevin M. Cox

Construction ongoing at specialty care center

Construction continues on a 110,000-square-foot University of Texas Medical Branch specialty care center near Interstate 45, FM 646 and the Victory Lakes subdivision on Wednesday afternoon. The facility will cost $61 million. The first floor could be finished by spring.

So, can someone find a rendering and more infomation on this please?


Also two more towers are going up (possibly) right on the side of the feeder road near Nasa Road 1 in Clear Lake. They had a rendering and a "coming soon" sign on the site (before Ike now its gone) but, nothing happened for a while. Now today there were some equipment on the site.

All I can say is when they had the renderings up for this, it was two towers, blueish/greenish glass and somewhere between 4-6 floors (maybe more, maybe less).

Can someone find more information on this as well?

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