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  1. The part where people had to cross 4 lanes of traffic to get off on Westheimer if going north on 610 was a 100% success with that excellent single lane off ramp that gets you off of the main lanes before you cross over 59 and then dumps you right on the feeder before Westheimer. The major failure was in the ramp that takes you from 610 north going to 59 south. Before they reconstructed this area that area of 610 right in front of the Home Depot was famous for wrecks. I still see the area jammed up at all hours of the day during the work week. They did improve the access to go to 59 north but the 59 south ramp seems to be too narrow and sharp for large commercial trucks and SUVs to take at high speed. Even when the traffic is not heavy people slow down to 25-40 mph on that turn. They should have built an exit ramp like the ones they have at beltway 8 and 59 north where it is a very lazy and gradual curve with lots of shoulder room for people to feel more safe about not hitting the wall. This curve should have gone over the old existing 610 bridge that goes over 59. The exit for the ramp should have been at least a mile before the actual exit by raising a wall protected with crash barrel to keep people from jumping on the exit at the last second and causing more slowing. With that intersection being in the top 10 more busy and dangerous in the USA the sky should have been the limit on funding a good solution.
  2. Does anyone re member when the POS opened and closed (years)? They were located @ the SEC of today's 610 and 59, just north of Bellaire. When they were demolished, I retrieved a metal post from a railing surrounding the horse ring. Also, in the late 1970's, Ranch 74 Beef had an outlet there (the stables were already gone). Thanks for responding!
  3. I'm not sure if there's a current thread on this or not, but it looks like they are moving forward with toll lanes on 288. I hadn't heard about this - much less hearing it was delayed. Anyone have any idea what the design is going to look like, particularly coming into downtown & the med center? http://blog.chron.com/thehighwayman/2015/10/texas-288-toll-lane-work-expected-mid-2016/
  4. How do they plan to squeeze a freeway into the right away on South Post Oak (between Bellfort and Willowbend Blvd)??? I've been trying to find some schematics because I'm curious as to how they will do it without tearing down every business along that route.
  5. US 290 Program Reaches Milestone with First Major Construction Contract "Construction on the IH 610/US 290 interchange begins this summer." HOUSTON - The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) took bids earlier today for the US 290 Program's first major construction project located at the IH 610/US 290 interchange. Williams Brothers Construction Company, Inc., had the winning low bid of $151.5 million. The Texas Transportation Commission will award the project at their May 26 meeting. Work on this first contract, known as Project K, includes constructing an inbound direct connector from US 290 and the IH 610 North Loop to IH 10 Katy Freeway, thus eliminating the traffic weaving currently present on the IH 610 West Loop southbound mainlanes. In addition, workers will reconstruct the IH 610 North Loop from Ella to the US 290/IH 610 interchange. Construction is expected to begin this summer and be completed early 2015. The US 290 Program Office opened in October 2006 and it is from there that all design, right-of-way, utility relocation and public involvement is coordinated for the 38-mile corridor from the IH 610/US 290 interchange to FM 2920. The Federal Highway Administration granted the program environmental clearance through a Record of Decision in August 2010, allowing the program to move forward with right-of-way and construction activities. TxDOT's Houston District Engineer, Delvin Dennis, P.E., adds, "The beginning of construction signifies a major accomplishment for the US 290 Program. This long awaited project will relieve congestion and improve safety on a portion of the IH 610/US 290 interchange. Motorists will realize peak travel time savings of nine minutes on eastbound US 290 and six minutes on westbound IH 610." Although TxDOT is excited to begin the major reconstruction of US 290, the reality of the transportation funding crisis still presents real obstacles for advancing the Program. With the projected cost of the US 290 corridor improvements totaling $2.8 billion, there is still approximately $1.5 billon of the program unfunded. The program's next funded project is tentatively scheduled for construction in late 2012 and will build the outbound direct connector at the IH 610/US 290 interchange, from IH 10 to US 290 and the IH 610 North Loop. There is also funding programmed for fiscal years 2014-2019 which would allow construction at the US 290/Beltway 8 interchange and portions of US 290 between Beltway 8 and W. 34th Street. However, at this time there are no construction funds for the US 290 projects west of Beltway 8. Despite having currently allocated funding, the US 290 Program continues to move forward with corridor wide design plans, which will allow the projects to be ready to go to construction once funding is available. For more information regarding the US 290 Corridor Program, please contact Karen Othon, US 290 Public Information Officer at (713) 354-1532 or visit the program website at www.my290.com.
  6. Feeder rd bridges must be constructed and be higher than the current bridge to avoid taller ships from bumping into it! Must be a total of 8 lns! The feeder rd bridges are to take of traffic from the main rd due too just going to the next intersection! Also, traffic to exit in advance to avoid traffic to back up on the main rd! Also for traffic getting on to get on the main rd later! The main rd must be raised higher and be widened to 12 lns! Two cable towers must be added to become a cable stayed bridge like the bridges in Jacksonville, Fl, Savannah, Ga, and Charleston, SC!
  7. Does anyone know if/where Micro Center would be relocating if this is true? From Swamplot: http://swamplot.com/did-micro-center-just-sell-its-houston-location-to-amegy-bank/2014-02-25/ Webcam: http://www.workzonecam.com/projects/amegybank/amegybank/workzonecam Renderings:
  8. http://www.txdot.gov/inside-txdot/get-involved/about/hearings-meetings/houston/121015.html Looks like the process has started for adding 4 elevated express lanes down the center of the 610 West Loop between I 10 and I 69. I am betting that TXDOT will stand a better chance of getting this built despite the likely inevitable legal challenges from the Memorial Park Conservancy and various other NIMBY organizations. Fact is, 300k+ cars use this stretch of road every day and it needs the additional capacity big time. The link has a project map and additional details.
  9. Do any of your guys have photos or info on what I have always known as the "old Meyer property" at the NE corner of 610 Loop South & S. Post Oak, right across the freeway from the MeyerPark retail property. I know there were some scenes from a movie shot at this location, there appears to be the old footprint of a home, and there is (or was) a small retail building at the SE corner of this property that used to be a gas station ( i think ). Anyone have any citable information about this property or any photos? HCAD.org doesn't describe it at all except for the northern edge next to the bayou as being HCFCD (Harris County Flood Control District) ownership. Kevin Jackson
  10. About 2 weeks ago, I noticed fencing had gone up around the Shell station near the corner of N Durham Drive and N Loop West. Within a few days, equipment had been brought to the site and the station was demolished. I haven't had the chance to take any pictures of the activity, but they have removed almost all of the building above ground and are now working on removing the remaining structure underground. Does anyone know if there is a project scheduled to go up on this site? (If this topic has been touched upon in another thread, it would be great if someone could link it here.) Here is the site: https://goo.gl/maps/iCPmBW81wcq.
  11. Drivers this weekend heading downtown or traveling on major roadways in Houston this weekend can expect various delays due to construction. Here are six major connector closures to help drivers plan ahead: 1. The eastbound connector ramp from 610 Loop South to I-45 is closed continuously until Sept. 30. Drivers can detour by taking the I-45 southbound connector ramp, exiting on Broadway and making a U-turn. 2. IH-10 will have 3 alternate lanes closed eastbound and westbound from T. C. Jester Blvd. to Smith and Louisiana Streets from 9 p.m. Friday, April 7 to 5 a.m. Monday, April 10. The post Multiple closures on 610 Loop, Hwy. 290 set for this weekend, April 7-9 appeared first on Community Impact Newspaper. View the full article
  12. http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2014/07/houston-chronicle-to-move-into-state-of-the-art-facility/
  13. Per the linked document below, something is happening to the Holiday Inn on the east side of 610 west, just north of Richmond. Post Properties and Bury+Partners are listed as the involved parties. Are they going to demolish and build residential or convert it? From Post's website, it looks like they only have residential buildings. ftp://edrc.houstontx.gov/2013/Applications//2013-1289/SubdivisionPlatPDF_POST%20GALLERIA_PLAT_PDF.pdf HFF's website says it is still on the market. I guess they need to update it? http://www.hfflp.com/GetDocument.aspx?ID=35251&FN=%C2%B13.9+Acres+Flyer-7.31.11.pdf&DT=1
  14. OK, here's a thing that's been bugging me for a while. If you drive on one of the ramps from 610 to I-10, specifically eastbound on 10 (that's near Washington Avenue, not near Northshore). There's a weird pink plant that's there right as the two ramps from 10 merge. At least I think it's a plant and not some sort of weird art installation. Anyone know what this is or if they've ever noticed it?
  15. TxDOT looking into ways to ease congestion on the Southwest Freeway from 288 all the way to Beltway 8. I guess there's already been a meeting on this last year in September 2014. Here's the TxDOT sight: www.mysouthwestfreeway.com Outside of the "lipstick on a pig" ideas, here are some thoughts (not 100% original btw) on how traffic can be eased on 59 / 69 without much ROW purchased: 1.) Configure on ramps / off ramps on top of each other like at 59/69 and Kirby between 610 and the beltway. That way merging and exiting traffic isn't fighting one another 2.) Build elevated two-way HOV lanes in current HOV ROW from Spur to past the beltway. (possible?) 3.) Reconfigure Chimney Rock exit (headed south) by exiting before the 610 traffic merges into 59/69 and have those exiting 59/69 to 610 do so before the Chimney Rock entrance to the freeway. Either that or eliminate the Chimney Rock exit / entrances all together. Ideas that might require ROW purchase and most definitely be more expensive even if no ROW: 1.) Extend Westpark tollway (WPT) past 610 and grade separate at 610 interchange. Possibly grade separate at Newcastle and have tollway end between Newcastle and Wesleyan. If not, have just have it end between 610 frontage and Newcastle. 2.) Direct connector from 610 traffic headed north to WPT headed west. 3.) Direct connector from WPT headed east to 610 headed south. (I don't think a WPT east to 610 North can fit) 4.) 2 lane Direct connector from 59/69 north to 610 south. Current one lane config. is big bottle neck. 5.) Direct connector from southbound 610 traffic to westbound WPT. To limit ROW, the direct connector would have to be after the 59/69 exit and tie into the extended WPT. Ideas that might require significant ROW but not quite to the level of the Katy freeway redesign: 1.) If previous #5 option not available, have a direct connector from southbound 610 traffic to westbound WPT on the north side of 59/69. It would be something like that of the new 290 to I10 direct connector. However this leads me to my next idea... 2.) Purchase land between 59/69 and Westpark rd. and WPT. Shift 59/69 slightly south and decrease the sharpness of the 59/69 curve at the WPT intersection. Katy Freeway clear-cutting option: 1.) Turn single HOV lane into 3 HOT lanes with the middle lane being bi-directional (much like what 290 was supposed to have) 2.) Add a full 5th lane to each direction of 59/69. 3.) Let them eat cake. Anyone else have any thoughts?
  16. Great shot. Looks like another crane base on site. BTW, that La Quinta is very out of place there. Hope they eventually tear it down and re-develop that parcel.
  17. The Next West Loop Reconstruction Wouldn't it be nice if the next time the West Loop was reconstructed as a submerged freeway and a park placed at ground level? That would make the area 100% more walkable and would change the way the area is developed for the better. What do you all think? What is your idea of a better design?
  18. The number apartments going up on the other side of 610 has recently increased, the Gables Post Oak development is a prime example. In an effort to encourage pedestrian traffic (and curb car congestion) in Uptown I am looking to gather ways to make walking under the 610 overpass more inviting, especially at night. Thought about blue lights similar to Buffalo Bayou Park. Also thought about replacing some of the pavers with paths of opaque under-lit stones. I would like this to be more than just a discussion, once we have a good list I plan on compiling it and sending it in to the Uptown Houston District Board of Directors.
  19. I asked this question because the two jewelry stores at that location never lasted. Robbins Brothers and Spence Diamonds both closed (saw the Spence signs taken down). Why? Is it the economy? The Location? Are fewer people getting married? Or something else?
  20. Coming home from the gym last night, southbound we loop had lanes closed at 59 (or maybe the exit itself wasc losed)? Anyone heard about this, considering they JUST redid this highway?
  21. We are moving to Houston and are looking at the NOTTINGHAM COUNTRY area at Fry & I10. I'll be driving to Woodway and 610 and would like to be in the office at 7:30 and will leave about 5:30. With the construction finished on the 10 what are the approximate commute times I could expect?
  22. And there was also Skyport Airport in the area of present day 610 Loop South and Mykawa.
  23. I could have sworn that it was a hotel a while back...does anyone know what it is now? Is it still a hotel? Either way, it has to have some awesome views due to the placement of the building. It's sitting right by the Galleria and Downtown as well. I will try and find a picture of it.
  24. When Loop 610 was being built in the 1960s, the main lanes stopped at Ella, restarted after TC Jester, stopped after the IH 10 interchange, went back together briefly over Buffalo Bayou, main lanes stopped after the bayou, main lanes started before westheimer, ended after the 59 interchange, etc. Why weren't the sections coordinated as one long section? I've been told each piece had its own contract. And we all remember how the IH 45 elevated was finished downtown in 64 or 65 but not opened until 67 because the end pieces weren't finished. I'd like to hear from those who can tell me why freeways were built in certain sections. Not counting the se loop near gulfgate and 225, I believe the first section of 610 opened was the us 59 sw freeway interchange and a short piece to westheimer. basically a road to nowhere and didn't connect to anything for quite a few years (1966-68 I believe). Of course there was no Galleria yet. But why build a freeway that has only one interchange and one exit? I remember my family waited for years for 610 between ella and 290 to open. All I can figure is that the main lane bridges over white oak bayou must have been difficult or expensive to build. Not sure why I can remember all these road geek things, but maybe someone else does too.
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