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Found 22 results

  1. I don't think Bungalow is closing its location at 407 Main St. But based off the address, I'm not sure where Bungalow Lounge is going exactly. My initial thought was maybe Bungalow Lounge is replacing Subway at 405 Main St (either suite 100 or suite 101). I really don't know yet.
  2. I was browsing the newspaper The Houston Post dated in 1918 and came across a film listing for The Key Theatre. I am unsure of an address. I searched Cinematreasures and couldn't find any details about this place. Must have been rebranded at some point? Opening Today For Three Days The Great Nazimova In Her Most Wonderful Picture "Toys of Fate" A tale of destiny's darling. A drama that thrills your very soul. See the world's greatest actress in her great triumph.
  3. Additional photo of Bungalow at 407 Main St. The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Scanlan Building. https://www.instagram.com/p/CjG_eNHp1iy/
  4. Bungalow opened over the weekend at 407 Main St. Photos of the restaurant from their Google Map listing and their Instagram feed: Hidden door Room behind hidden door (I think)
  5. More about Bungalow from a recent job listing. Bungalow is a restaurant opening soon at 407 Main St on the ground level of the Scanlan Building. "Bungalow, our newest restaurant concept brings elevated dining and unmatchable vibes to the downtown area. From prime steak selections to chef driven dishes, Bungalow is the epitome of Southern cuisine meets classic dining."
  6. Proposal for a flag mount sign submitted to the Houston Archaeological and Historical Commission (HAHC). Another proposed alteration submitted by Bungalow to HAHC for its forthcoming restaurant at 407 Main: Replace the existing front doors (not original to the building) on the owner's lease space.
  7. Bungalow has a website and social media. This is a restaurant - with possibly a bar or lounge component - located in the Scanlan Building at 407 Main St. http://www.alifehospitality.com https://www.instagram.com/bungalowdining View of Bungalow's sidewalk patio; Google Maps May 2022 From Bungalow's Google Maps listing
  8. Taking over the space previously home to Live Sports Bat at 407 Main St is a bar or dining concept named Bungalow. This is another concept from local hospitality group Alife Hospitality. The group are responsible for bar & grill spots Prospect Park, Lost & Found, and Kamp. There's also Cake, a bakery that doubles as a night club (similar to Sugar Room on Washington Ave). Post about it earlier this year in the topic Downtown Restaurant And Bar Scene - More Coming:
  9. Select posts about 407 Main. This is a ground floor retail space located next to the parking lot. While there have been many businesses operating there over the years, Live Sports Bar was the most recent one. Live sports bar is no Christian's Tailgate, not even close. Lives food sucked, the ambiance sucked and the service was terrible.
  10. Other posts about 405 Main St: https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/search/?q=%22405%20main%22&quick=1&updated_after=any&sortby=newest&search_and_or=and And the Scanlan Building: https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/search/?q=%22scanlan%20building%22&quick=1&updated_after=any&sortby=newest&search_and_or=and And 407 Main: https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/search/?q=%22407%20main%22&quick=1&updated_after=any&sortby=newest&search_and_or=and
  11. Loopnet listing for the Scanlan Building. This is located at 405 Main St (and 407 Main St). A couple of the current tenants include: Subway (ground floor) Expansive (co-working offices on the fifth floor; Novel Coworking was here) More are listed on the Loopnet listing. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/405-Main-St-Houston-TX/20393389/
  12. The Scanlan Building is a historic 89,712 square foot commercial building situated on an 8,687 square foot corner lot at 405 Main St (and 407 Main St). It's a contributing Neo-Classical building, constructed circa 1908, located in the Main Street Market Square Historic District. The Scanlan Building is a City of Houston Landmark designated in April 2000, and is significant as the only known office building in Texas designed by the notable architect and city planner, Daniel H. Burnham of Chicago. - from the Houston Archaeological and Historical Commission On Loopnet Google Maps May 2022
  13. Live sports bar at 407 main looks to be closed permanently. Anyone know how long it’s been closed?
  14. I'm new here and I need some help. Does anyone recognize this building (sorry, I can't get a better picture)? It stood at the corner of Main at Lamar, across Lamar from the Lamar Hotel/Metropolitan Theater (which you can see in the background). I could swear I've seen pictures of it before but now that I need them, I can't find any. I might have conflated it with another building but the Moorish detail over the door is so distinctive that I don't think so. The picture was taken no later than 1934--Douglas Fairbanks' name is on the theater marquee in the full print, and his last movie came out in 1934. The cars in the image are all pre-1935, too (no shield grilles). Edit: Looks like it could either be 509 Main Street or 407 Main Street.
  15. maorlando God kept us 2012 leaning on Him 2013 has added a photo to the pool: DOWNTOWN HOUSTON, TEXAS— This company was founded in Houston, Texas, in 1900 as Foley Brothers. It was originally acquired by Federated Department Stores, Inc. in 1947. Another piece of Houston history has been turned to rubble as the old Foley’s turned Macy’s building was imploded recently to make way for new development. And with it goes, a time many Houstonians fondly remember. When the old Foley’s building on Main Street opened in 1947, it was an instant hit. Opened in October of 1947, the new Foley's was built as a six-story building. The old Foley's was located at 407 Main Street was reopened as Joske's first store in Houston one year later. In 1957 the Foley's downtown store was expanded by four floors, making the total 9. “Oh my gosh, Christmas, the windows in the front on Main street … thousands would come just to see the windows,” said Kathy Knott, a former Foley’s employee. That was before malls and before Houston sprouted suburbs.“When the downtown store was founded, it was the first moving escalator in the city of Houston, and so everybody rushed downtown to get on the escalator,” she said..Knott said she found a career and a husband at Foley’s. She started as a member of Foley’s College Board while at U.T., selling clothes to other college students. It was the same job KHOU Sports Anchor Bob Allen (son of a dear precious friend of ours that has passed away but lives in our memory always) had in the summer 1969. “I got to work at the downtown store, advising kids on what people are wearing to go back to college— and it was a blast,” he said. It was the start of a love affair between a store and its city—an affair that soured when customers fell in love with malls. Most older Houston residents nostalgically recall weekend shopping expeditions when they headed to the downtown Foley's Department Store in pursuit of a special outfit or party dress. When younger made with our parents and when we were older we went on our own riding the bus to town. An adventure that was never dull and always wonderful!!! Christmastime was always the time for a trip town to visit with Santa that everyone looked forward to, and a time to check out all the fun Christmas window dressings, doing some window shopping which I dearly loved to do and usually became a day-long affair. Today the glory days are nothing but a memory, and the building on its last leg. The demolition was scheduled for 7:20 on a Sunday morning, September 22, 2013. Fannin and Milam were closed between McKinney and Polk, creating a blast zone of nine blocks. More: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foley%27s and departmentstoremuseum.blogspot.com/2010/05/foley-brothers... Click here to view this photo at the HAIF Photo Pool on Flickr
  16. Foley's shows up about 50 seconds into video. Foley's newsreel Check the other Houston Newsreels on the page.
  17. Well, I'm not up on all of the hip places Downtown, but that would be where I would concentrate. My suggestions would be: 1. The bar at the top of the Hilton of the Americas - great view of downtown 2. Check out a few of the places on Main street - Live Sports Bar at 407 Main is cool as is Flying Saucer at 705 Main. 3. To finish out the night, take the train to Sammy's at 2019 Main. Great bar, great music, and you get a choo-choo ride! There are a lot of places close to Live Sports Bar - so as long as the weather is good, wander around and see what strikes your fancy. Have fun!
  18. You can toss out "doom and gloom" office vacancy rates inside Dallas' traditional downtown loop as much as you'd like, the truth is there hasn't been this much exciting activity in the core in decades. Huge residential retail, and office projects are popping up all over downtown. Just the projects currently underway include the massive Mercantile redevelopment, Fidelity Union Towers (Mosaic), Joule' Urban Resort, The Metropolitan, Republic Tower I, One Arts Plaza, Third Rail Lofts: [Gulf States Tower, 1414 Elm, 1407 Main], Hunt Tower, Corgan HQ Bldg and The Dallas Roof Gardens, Employers Insurance Bldg Addition (no doubt I missed some). Approved and soon to begin are the Winspear Opera House and Wyly Theatre for the Performing Arts. A plethora of additional projects are in various stages of planning. At least some of those will ultimately be completed. I wouldn't seriously regard any area with that much current and future activity as being "hollowed out".
  19. As most of you know Dallas has had a problem of lots of old outdated building stock. Office vacancy has run about 25-30% As a result they have lots of old class C space perfect for residential. All the following are old core downtown buildings taken off the office rolls or under const. Completed DP&L Building has 158 units Davis Bldg has 183 units Kirby Bldg has 156 units Interurban Bldg has 134 units Under Const. (new) 1407 Main will have 90 units Gulf States Building will have 68 units Fidelity Union Complex Buildings will have 432 units Metropolitan will have 273 units Mercantile will have 365 units Republic Bank Tower units-???
  20. So we have Azure, W Hotel, Mondrian, 1407 Main u/c. Then 7-11, Galleria residentail, Far North Dallas residential, Cresta Bella, Turtle Creek retirement tower(don't know the name), Stoneleigh residential, Icon, Victory One, St. Annes and Ritz-Carlton all scheduled to break ground in 2005. Add to that, the possibility of the Convention Center Hotel being announced, possible CityLights residential tower, the additional 4 or 5 towers at Arts Plaza as well as two or three at Park Lane Place. All of this in addtion to the swaths of townhomes in Uptown, Oaklawn and East Dallas, and lower than 10 story projects like Uptown I, the two new West Village buildings, or that new Drexel project, then throw in the swath of conversions like Gulf States, TOD like City Lights, the Lake Highland TC and Park Lane Place, the signature bridges, great looking I-30 makeover in Oak Cliff, and the true mansion boom in north Dallas and 2005-2006 is probably unprecedented for Dallas. Maybe the office space is less than the 80s, but the sheer numbers of projects and total floor space probably makes this one of Dallas' biggest booms ever. I often find myself looking with envy at other sunbelt city booms. But to type it out or look at a SSP construction thread all in one page, Dallas is doing a darn lot of projects. Just the raw number of towers that will go up in the next two years is exciting. To say Dallas will look different in 2010 is no longer a dream.
  21. If you mean within the loop, 1407 main is already underway, and is in the heart of downtown.
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