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  1. this guy from dallas on now dressed as a pumpkin makes me once again glad I am from Houston....funny he wants to go to live in Hawaii.....I think Houston and Texas would come out on the better end of that trade for the guy in Houston now he forgets signature ingredient haha he makes it in Houston guy will stomp him
  2. hope you bring home a win! he is into the molecular gastronomy and he seemed to pull it off well so being from Houston and starting off right he is my favorite I liked the guy with the piercings too that was the second to get an apron (I think), but the Houston factor works it for the Hawaiian guy
  3. I remember the dinging at all Foleys and it was for more than just one person different people had different tones and patterns
  4. those were both great runs I was glad I was tuned in to see them TAMU has really stepped it up in the spare sports recently.....making the Big 12 and Texas look really good
  5. no love for the Ghetto Boys? my mind must be playing tricks on me!
  6. AL baseball sucks and the DL is stupid this is a dumb idea I hope it fails it would just establish the Astros as another nobody generic team with little or no real history and just to be shuffled around to where ever to make it easier on other teams and MLB shuffle around a bunch of expansion teams or teams that have moved or need to move
  7. and you mistakenly believe stopping every two blocks is serving the most number of people I also am saying that for the same distance traveled public transportation on a dedicated track should be faster than private transportation......if it is not then something is probably wrong......like stopping every other block or having too many disruptions by other forms of traffic slowing or stopping movement we don't need to run a light rail so that someone can take it 4 blocks to the grocery store they can do that on a bus for a lot less money we need light rail so that 5K+ people can park at Ellington and ride to Hobby, UH, and downtown in the same amount of time or less that it would take them to drive from Ellington to their final destination.....and then more people can get on at Hobby and go to UH and downtown and a few can park at UH and ride downtown......and then many can ride from downtown to Hobby taking a short distance rider off a bus and putting them on a light rail is not always a wise use of money....the study posted by Trae and my statements in another thread support exactly what I am saying.....the vast majority of the system in dallas is designed to get people that don't work or have job skills to places where there is very little job growth....and that is why it is an expensive failure people with few job skills and little motivation don't suddenly become employable because they have light rail to ride and areas that don't provide the size or types of properties needed by present employers don't suddenly become viable for those employers because a light rail runs there the single metro line in Houston works so well because it serves two viable employment areas, two universities, major entertainment and cultural areas, sports and convention venues and it has a place for people that are coming in from further out of town to park and make good time traveling from where they park to where they wish to end up......and it also carries the movements between all those various venues if this line had just run from downtown to any of the numerous areas in the same amount of distance that would have passed a ton more residential.....it would have next to zero ridership......because the vast majority of people are not going to travel longer by bus to a light rail line than it would take them to drive to a freeway on surface streets, then ride the light rail for longer than it would take them to drive the freeway stretch, then yet again ride another bus in a period of time that would be longer than it would take them to get off the freeway and drive a surface street to their final parking spot......especially if you add in any decent amount of walking or waiting in inclement weather driving quickly to a major terminal where traffic starts to become heavy and then taking a ride on the light rail in a similar amount of time right to or very near a final destination is much more preferable and much more cost efficient
  8. +1 for you young angry canoe paddler of east Texas rivers any type of fixed route/dedicated route public transportation option needs to move from areas that gather large amounts of people from more distant places to other areas that gather large amounts of people from more distant places.....and they need to move those people from place to place at least as fast if not faster than they could get their themselves on their own Houston needs to scrap much of the crap they have lined up for light rail and probably the next route needs to go from downtown, right through UH, right past the front of Hobby, and then down to Ellington......it needs to have a stop at each of those places and possibly a single stop in between each of them as well
  9. there is the Chili's that closed after a month of being opened.....after the remodeled the former space that held the old restaurant that had closed about a year after opening and again typical dallas.....going to sporting events to see restrooms, "cool bars", and amenities instead of actually going to see the game
  10. the sound in cowboys stadium is horrible.....just ask the people at the superbowl how they liked cowboys stadium.....standing in massive lines to get inside.....only a few entrances that allow you to get to specific areas where your seats are.....the inability to walk around the stadium if you happen to enter at the wrong entrance and the AAC in dallas has been slammed for having very narrow concourses and being very crowded inside and difficult to move around typical dallas......all style over substance......if the AAC was so great.....they would not be hosting major basketball games at the football stadium......and ask anyone that was at the Houston Superbowl and the dallas superbowl which stadium they would go back to.....it will be Houston by a mile
  11. http://www.dailytech.com/Clearwire+CEO+Resigns+Company+Faces+ClassAction+Lawsuit+/article21106.htm here is a quick story about the lawsuit http://forums.clear.com/clearcom there is a link to the clear forums.....look at the issues everyone is having and your thoughts about what you know about anything are less than impressive.....you never support an argument you only make stupid snide comments and then you ban people when they prove you wrong yet again that is part of the reason this forum's traffic has slowed to a crawl......people support their opinions and then you come along like you have a clue and yet you offer nothing to show where you know more than anyone or where you have any clue what you are talking about this thread is an example......you get good service with clear.....great massive amounts of people don't......you have demonstrated nothing that shows you have any knowledge about the www or anything else and for 20+ months clear could not tell me if I was being throttled.....until I had gotten a months credit and I was asking for another months credit....then suddenly they could see I was being throttled and would not give another credit and as you said...the lights on the modem are a sign of signal strength.....not quality.....so it really does not matter how many lights there are on the modem.....it just matters if they are solid or scrolling.....so it really should not matter where my modem is located because it is going to get the signal or it is not.....and when it does not there is no using the service.....moving the modem around the room means nothing and if another wireless device between the modem and the PC was not important.....then every ISP on earth would not ask you to go directly into the modem from the PC to trouble shoot.....but they do....because another device between the modem and the PC can add further issues.....which is why ISPs ask you to go directly from te modem to the PC before they will trouble shoot you clear is a very poor ISP and that is not my opinion it is the opinion of a huge number of their past and present customers and while my bill might be 35 a month.....the profit they make off of me per month is much less.....so every dime of that I can take from them the better.....because apparently only you would run a business for no profit...
  12. it is not a problem with my computer because the issue only happens when clear is having issues.....like very very slow speeds and or poor connectivity.....it happens for two or three days in a row then not again for a few weeks......once a computer OS starts becoming unstable they don't suddenly start becoming stable again just out of the blue and my service is actually BETTER when I only have two lights on my modem.....if my modem goes to 4 lights (I have never gotten 5 lights) usually my modem has a brief outage just after it gets 4 lights.......and my house is only 1300 sqft so where in the hell do you want me to put the modem that would make any appreciable difference in signal strength......clear's answer was to offer me a wireless router so I could have the modem anywhere in the house.....I declined because the introduction of yet another wireless device into already poor service is just a recipe for disaster and I would still have to unhook all of that and go directly into the modem to trouble shoot......which means my modem would end up somewhere close to where it is not for trouble shooting and I have never given any of the actual tech support people a hard time on the phone.....I merely wasted their time and clear's money having them send me modem after modem.....if I am not getting the service I am paying for then I am damn well going to do all I can to make sure they don't turn a profit off of my payments.......the only thing that makes ISPs change their ways is to cost them money period I have no idea what my bandwidth usage was because the techs I talked to were never able to tell me if I was even being throttled......the reason for this is because I started on clearwire and was transferred to clear when they "upgraded".......finally after getting a months credit and the "reduced rates" (that I did not get) and "upgraded speeds" (that I never got or only got briefly) and when my service was having 20 outages a day the guy that told me he would not give me another monthly credit also told me I was being throttled and that is why I could not get another credit......that only happened in March of this year and while I realize that wireless is not exactly like cable with a last mile issue.....the fact is if their DHCP server and or their backbone out of the city is overloaded.....then the answer is that they will randomly kick users off to try and cover as many users as possibly hoping that many of them are just checking email or browsing to something for a moment and sure lots of companies get sued.....the difference is that clearwire lost that suit and clear will as well.....because their service sucks the fact that you have to make 12yo comments only shows that you really have no clue what you are talking about the reason I kept it for two years is because I don't like the alternatives available any better than clear.....UVERSE is finally available now in my area so clear will be going bye bye I also do not have cable right now because I do not like the cable provider in my area.....and getting cable internet without TV is expensive and about pointless so I just stuck it out and no I do not work for comcast......I did tech support in the past for @Home (which included cox, comcast, att, intermedia, suburbia, primeco, and on and on until all those were merged and cox and comcast and ATT stole their investors money and bankrupted @Home along with the horribly thought acquisition of excite (which is somehow the only one left standing from that whole disaster) I used to have cox cable in my area.....I dumped them when they were having major issues like I could browse to cox.com and cox.net and a few other pages hosted on the local cox cloud, but I could browse to nothing on the WWW itself.....their techs tried to tell me it was the cable coax or the modem....which of course makes no sense because I could get pages off their cloud (which means the modem is passing traffic), but I could not get to the WWW proper especially during periods of high network activity like Sunday evenings in a college town when all the kids are returning from a holiday......when the kids were gone.....service picked up.....when the kids were back.....peak usage service went to zero especially around 4:30 to 8:30 and then from about 10:30 to midnight.....then it would slowly improve into the night I had only seen similar issues just like that in multiple areas across the USA where our outage board said (upgrade in progress) which means 6 months of that for subscribers......I was one of the few techs that had the guts to tell subscribers the real issue VS telling them to get a new modem, run new coax, or rolling a truck......you would be surprised how many people with new modems, new coax, and three truck rolls actually appreciated hearing the truth.....and the truth was their service was going to be crappy for the next few months while their "node" was split to limit subscribers and or while the ISP pulled in new backbone (depending on what the issue was in that area) not long after I dumped cox they sold out to suddenlink and my experience with smaller MSOs is that they have poor overall service and they are very slow to upgrade......suddenlink did slowly upgrade in my area, but was long gone and on ATT dsl by then why did I get rid of ATT.....well because when they offered naked DSL in my area and I canceled my land line......well three days later my internet went completely out and the guy on the phone said they had canceled my DSL and pulled the card and it would be three days to get it hooked back up......so I went with clear on the advice of a neighbor because I could get it that day......then we both started having major issues a few weeks later and she ended up moving for other reasons ATT has been decent in the past, but I just decided to wait out until they had UVERSE in my area and get back to having TV and internet on a single bill with what has usually been a decent ISP for me the best ISP I ever had was sprint ION......I would kill to have that stability again......like a ROCK.....but alas ION was canceled and I even got a check from them and I still have my sprint ION modem/router.......but it is proprietary so it is useless......just like my direct TV DSL modem.......and direct TV dsl also went under or was canceled.... did not get a check from them, but I did just keep the modem my experience with clear is like they are trying to run an ISP on a network that is the quality of a network from back in the days of bag phones and brick phones......can you hear me now.....only it is more like "can you browse me now".....the answer with clear is often NO!
  13. here is the best part of dealing with TABC.....ask them to clarify one of their stupid policies about signage or some other thing that is completely and totally ambiguous......their answer will be to tell you that if they clarify that policy right then and there......it would basically be making case law right then.....and they will tell you it is better to wait until you are actually being faced with that issue.....and then if you go to court you can try and claim it was not clear how to follow the policy and maybe you will get it dismissed.....I know someone that works for glaizers and he was at a meeting with the TABC guy that heads up about half the state.....and the TABC guy gave him that answer on at least three different issues.....of course the big distribution owns the TABC anyway so those issues just don't come up for them here is a specific issue someone I know almost got screwed with by TABC for about 70K......they were opening a winery...well in Texas you basically have to build out your facility and then "ask" the dickheads at TABC to approve it and issue a permit after you have made your total investment there is a law in Texas that prevents retailers from owning a part of a producer and or a distributor or a producer owning a part of a wholesaler ect......there are three tiers.....producer, wholesale, and retail......basically there can be no cross ownership well these people got their facility built out......then TABC told them they would not give them a permit.....why you ask.....well because the strip center they were RENTING a space in was owned by a guy that also owned a Cstore (retailer) and TABC considered that cross ownership.......the owner of the strip center had ZERO ownership in the winery.....but because he owned the strip center and he also owned a Cstore (in a different area not even in the same strip center) the TABC saw that as an issue.......it took those people months of extra time and legal fees while TABC drug their assed deciding if that was actually cross ownership or not......they finally decided it was not and issued the permit several months and thousands and thousands of additional wasted dollars later just flat ass idiots.....the last time I almost had the cuffs on was because of dealing with TABC.....it was a long story, but a college kid friend was being railroaded after attempting to do everything proper to have a party and charge for the beer (you can do this legally through a caterer).....the TABC ran a "sting" and was there 15 minuted before the party started....BECAUSE my friend had called them twice to try and find the proper method...the guy laughed at my friend later and said all you needed to do was go through a caterer.....my friend said I called you two times and ask that.......while the TABC guy was counting the money my friend was caught charging I started calling out random numbers......he blew up and threatened to have me arrested while the city cop put his hand on his gun......I laughed at him and stepped back one foot after he told me to "back up"....later when he was leaving I called him a fatass and told him to get a real job and not to look like such a slob if he was going to work for my tax dollars.....he knew he could do nothing about that......of course I had neighbors across the street from me that had been bootlegging 40oz budweisers for a 2 years by then (and literally hundreds of calls to the cops by me and neighbors).....oh yea and they were running a crack house, a party night food service, a flop house for whores.....and an illegal day care.....3 or 4 months later I looked out the window one day to see the swat team swarming that house and grandma house dress and 4 others on the porch in cuffs my friend that was arrested for the party made the front page of the local paper as well.....in that article they talked about how it took them 12 months to close down an illegal speakeasy in a building with a HUGE sign painted on the outside and another that was passing out fliers every weekend the bootlegging my neighbors were doing was while the city I live in was dry at the time as well so yea TABC can't catch two years worth of dealing or bootlegging.....a year so of illegal clubs......but the damn sure had two undercover officers, a third officer (the fatass) and 2 city cops at my friends college kid party 15 minuted before it started......because he had tried to call them 2 times to see what he needed to do to be legal http://lubbockonline.com/stories/082408/loc_322310803.shtml there is a link to the story.....best part is.....the party was still able to go on because my friend had all the band and noise permits.....we just needed to go buy more beer because TABC made them poor out 5 kegs on the ground and took the kegs, taps, and trash cans they almost arrested a girl that was a high school friend of my friend.....that had never drank in her life.....because she was sitting at the table talking to my friend when he was taking money.....she never touched the money......they had to have a 10 minute powwow over that decision well done TABC! one day when I have the ability I will make sure TABc is sunsetted and 100% of those that work for them are FIRED and told to GTFO
  14. I have clear in a different city than Houston and it totally and completely sucks it is SLOW......like less than 1mb download slow......it was pretty much that way from day one......my bandwidth IS being throttled now they have admitted that to me now......I use the web pretty heavy, but not tons and tone of streaming I believe they use packet shaping for throttling and I am 99% sure the setup they have for that is SCREWED....I am pretty sure they have screwed caching servers as well......as in you will go through week long periods where web pages look like java is turned off until you reload them 2 or 3 times here is the BAD part.......I have had probably THOUSANDS of disconnects in a 2 year period......just out of the blue the modem will start cycling......sometimes the modem lights stay solid......but I can't ping anything unless I unplug their modem and restart it just last month I went through about the entire month where I had disconnects at least 20 times a day all day and all night......the bandwidth is slow even at 3am their tech support is TERRIBLE.....they are nice....but they are in India or somewhere like that and they are literally script readers......lets be honest if the lights on your modem are scrolling and you are not connecting.....it really does not matter if you are on windows or a mac or a PC or a laptop clear reminds me of when I did tech support for @Home back when cable internet was new.....and people would have to call in 10 or 12 times a day to get their modem "repushed" which meant we were sending a fresh config file to their modem and telling our DHCP servers to give them anew lease on an IP I have had to call clear for this probably 100 times + since I have had them clear used to not have tech support from 9pm until sometime in the morning..... got so mad one time I kept calling and calling at like 1am and finally the phone tree was a different sequence of questions and suddenly tech support was on the line at 1:15am.....I don't know if they changed it up or if they got sick of me in march I threatened to cancel for about the 12th time and got a full months credit on my next bill and I was suppose to get a reduced rate.....well I got the credit but not the reduced rate.....and I did get the better downloads promised......for about 3 days and then it was back to being throttled and then the periods of 20 disconnects a day started up.....then I was told because I was being monitored they would not give me another credit clearwire (before 4g) is being sued in a class action now for poor service and wanting 40 to take the modem and and cancel......I believe clear is or is about to be in the same situation I got tired of their BS and started making them send me new modems a couple of times and I flat told them I was doing it to waste their time and money....the second time they did actually send me a new model modem and it helped for about a month I was told recently they were upgrading all the towers in Texas......that was when the massive outages were happening again......those outages have slowed to about one or two a day now, but the university in town has also let out for the semester......which makes me think their network is less congested now....so I don't trust they have upgraded anything I would get some more reviews of clear before getting it....and keep in mind you can cancel in like 3 days without the modem return fee clear is worse than all the high speed internet services I have ever had combined........probably 20X the number of outages of all those 15+ years combined. the worst speeds by far, and the worst support and service and two of those ISPs went out of business haha clear SUCKS.....I can't stress that enough......flat horrible.....and honestly I think I am being actually a bit moderate on the number of outages and the poor speeds if you like waiting to even listen to the beginnings of a youtube video......if you like any type of TV show being interrupted while you download it and having to start the SLOW download over again.....if you like crappy service and support.....clear is for you....if not forget clear it SUCKS!
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