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  1. Architect does not want inhabitants drenched with rain but to get misted hard when windy is ok.
  2. The northern enclosed sidewalk on block 43 is starting to noticeably settle towards the pit. The Chronicle's pit across the street is probably a factor.
  3. It's kind of what we're known for round these parts. I'm referencing the DWI fatalities in Harris co.
  4. The color combo is so bad it's offensive. Is it not too late to put up the scaffolding and try again?
  5. This building looks like a boner killer. I dub thee Abstinence Inn.
  6. Who sketched the rendering, Michael J Fox? Forgive me..
  7. Yes, Telephone begins in Eastwood off Mc Kinney street. That is one light away from Harrisburg. The Broadway what you are talking about is what Leeland street turns into.
  8. One thing I would be okay with is large reprographics on the building. Los Angeles has a lot of this visual pollution but I find it more tasteful than billboards. I know there is a ban on ads like this inside city limits, but a small amount by this venue could make an edifice more attractive if done tastefully. Oh, you spelled Lastros wrong, lol.
  9. Two things that really piss me off about the project. The faux cornice will diminish downtown views from the ballpark. Architects could have and still can omit the roofline elements and preserve the line of sight aesthetic. I am not talking about the whole building, just across the street from the ballpark! There will be no rooftop seating to watch the game from across the street like at Wrigley Field. This is one perfect example of why Houston sucks. A missed opportunity of making something quirky, unique and fun like in Chicago. Even if it is a bad idea, ambiance and cheap beer would make up for it. City hall can get anything done in this city. It would be one more gimmick, one more selling point to attract business and residents downtown. Something going across the street from one of the crown jewels in Houston screams "cheap" compared to what developers would implement in other cities.I am sorry for being a Debbie Downer guys and I know how most of you like to stay positive in this forum, but I just had to get this off my chest.
  10. Houston really gets passed over in music and art compared to other places. Talented people are from here but they migrate elsewhere. Police in this city along with the county court system are not at all nice to artists or musicians involved with any counter culture or sub culture. There will never be any kind of real art or music scene ever in this city in the foreseeable future. Houston is also too far spread out so events are often a bust.
  11. There is a bar on the northern block there. Progress is progress. So long quirky, dive bar I shall not name. I'll miss you too street parking (which is awesome in that area.)
  12. At least it breaks the mold of the for profit driven aesthetic in architecture that has been plaguing Houston lately. Any scaled version of a famous landmark in Houston would fit in with its international feel. The only place this "cartoonish" Eiffel replica would be more suited would be on top of the future Chevron tower.
  13. They should bury the power lines so the sidewalks have better function.
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