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  1. Human cow paths should be paved. 🙂 This includes the giant divots truck drivers make on right turns. Sharp curbs in retrofitted car lanes adjacent to bike lanes and sidewalks are bad civic planning.
  2. It gets dusty there when the wind kicks up from the Cemex mixing plant. It's kinda gross. That's the only issue there. Also the bike path terminates on that property.
  3. the slingshot store opened, or at least I saw those 3 wheelers for rent last weekend posted up there. the Polaris 3 wheelers that is.
  4. True. The entitlement on Nextdoor is exquisite peak clown world over there, Also that post conplaining about the sports bar seemingly over capacity per OP during covid gave me a chuckle
  5. Complaining about trains is like complaining about the Texas heat. You're an asshole! hahaha
  6. https://abc13.com/port-houston-seeing-high-imports-during-pandemic-more-cargo-ships-in-backups/10407614/
  7. The skeptical part in me sees the city's handling of these assets over the years and thinks it's a form of money laundering or corruption.
  8. All architectural brick accents in intersections and roads are a bad idea in Houston. The soil plus the climate makes mother nature chew shit up here. Those accents on Harrisburg already have potholes (speed bumps.) Washington roundabout is an amusement park ride and should charge admission.
  9. My guess is the developer is going to reuse that part of the warehouse that was saved. Either they have a client in mind or is marketing it as a selling feature. It looks over-engineered with those massive steel trusses not to mention the ceiling clearance is somewhere around 70'
  10. Theres a "future home of 7eleven" sign on the corner of 45 and Cullen. The stop n go curse has been lifted from Houston. Citizens will be free to enjoy slurpees soon again. XD
  11. Hey HAIF, I live in Eastwood and have skimmed some of the above posts. I believe I have some opinions regarding some of the things said on the streets and traffic. Firstly, Mckinney @ Cullen is good the way it is and I think they made the right choice making it a 2 way stop. It just takes a few more seconds than a normal intersection to make sure it is safe to go. I use this intersection all the time and lived here before, during and after the change and at first it was jarring but quickly got used to it. Be safe! That said, if they do cut off the Milby/ Mckinney RR crossing, then they should make Cullen/ Mckinney a 4 way stop. The thru traffic restriction on Mckinney east of Lockwood is a huge success IMO. The same cannot be said on the thru closure on Dumble between Harrisburg and Polk. Dumble is too vital, it's a railroad crossing and logistically a essential road. There are two high schools across Polk. I imagine implementing this during the school year would affect a lot of people negatively.
  12. Architect does not want inhabitants drenched with rain but to get misted hard when windy is ok.
  13. The northern enclosed sidewalk on block 43 is starting to noticeably settle towards the pit. The Chronicle's pit across the street is probably a factor.
  14. The color combo is so bad it's offensive. Is it not too late to put up the scaffolding and try again?
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