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  1. This park would be a good opportunity in the future to bridge-cap over I-69 like Klyde Warren Park in Dallas. Yeah, I went there..
  2. Another parking lot bites the dust..
  3. The streets are pretty bad, but apparently not bad enough to get people to slow down over said potholes.
  4. ^Whatever, the trains are already full. We need jetpacks, stat.
  5. Why did they cut down the trees in the ROW?
  6. There's still the Melrose tower..
  7. Days Inn should be converted into a high-rise mausoleum.
  8. Never been stuck in traffic on 10 using the Katy Tollway, I use it even on late nights to avoid the drunks.. Money is what makes the world go round and time is money. I consider myself lucky to have lived in both a sleepy suburb and in the left ventricle of this town. There is a psychological limit to commuter driving, around 30 to 45 minutes; anything longer is considered a super-commute (something I did for work on occasion). In terms of the 10 expansion and Culberson's role in it, I think he did well in est'n a bread & butter legacy for the shape of his district. Politicians are only as good as their constituents, in the sense that sprawling development is a defacto form of segregation with implicit symptoms of racism. So I can see how divisive the personal motive issue can be for some but the reality is and without regard to his rail line politics, the 10 redevelopment was a form of socialism that really works as a rising economic tide for west Houston and thereby all of Houston. I also understand that to be a politician you have to take some pretty unpopular positions (now, but not 13 years ago) like he has; when you get to know people, and I mean really get to know People, on a personal level you realize that we all suffer in some way or ways. It's why I live downtown now and am contemplating selling my car for a car subscription; the socialism downtown is just healthier, walking and all that parklife. Plus the big secret was that suburbs are where the Haves traditionally wanted to live, now we got "diversified housing stock" and "multiple bids on the first day." I sure hope we overbuild cause my rent needs a relief valve. Praise no zoning! A greenbelt park would be really cool for the entire metro region. Sprawl can be fixed with good architecture; even old sprawl heading southwest from Montrose to Sharpstown to Sugar Land has a great history of examples where thoughtful place making washed ashore in time. Oh yeah and that greenbelt park saves your little nature too, know we call that? -Win-Win
  9. He can block rail, but can he get Richmond re-surfaced & paved? Such a waste.
  10. I gonna miss getting lunch at the ET grill ("eat grill").
  11. Main St. has a new-found, prestigious address branding among service oriented firms. Energy is still about Louisiana and Smith streets.
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