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  1. They're rehabbing the sidewalks for sure but there construction crews going in and out of the gated parking lot. The problem is that there's not enough going on inside the lot to really say if something meaningful is taking place.
  2. I don't want to misrepresent. This isn't to say that it looks like that on every street but that there are quite a few of them that do look like that. In any case, I too wish there was a way to hide the power lines here in Houston but as Red pointed out, the cost/benefit factor is a tough one to sell to the people who would be burdened the most by the decision, although I don't think it would be unreasonable for the city to enact/enforce tougher standards on their maintenance of their facilities.
  3. San Francisco: Courtesy, jmg-galleries.com.
  4. Generally speaking, this section of the "Energy Corridor" (that is, south of Memorial to north of Westheimer, then east of Hwy 6 to west of Dairy Ashford) had a crime rate below the city average. That isn't to say that there is no crime but that it's relatively light. Specifically along that stretch of Eldridge, the rents are higher, the complexes newer and the residents a bit more affluent, as many of them are renting temporarily while they look for that new home to accompany their new gig at whichever energy company in the area. Just to be on the safest side, though, I would tend to stay wes
  5. Hardly a big deal one way or another. I assume the street will more than likely end up being renamed after someone of area significance.
  6. Still a good amount of pedestrian activity at the park but I have to laugh at the irony of half dozen or more vehicles worth six figures and up that were valet parked in front of The Grove during lunch today.
  7. There are bigger eyesores, in my view, with regard to power/phone lines. Three notable examples I've seen are San Francisco, Cincinnati and Boston. The streets are literally covered with them for blocks at a time. A lot more unsightly in my view than our big'uns running down the ROW next to a major corridor. That said, I agree that those monstrosities can be hard on the eyes. I have a bigger issue, however, with the lack of housekeeping along the property lines. A case in point is the ROW near Gessner on Bellaire. I don't think that lot is ever clean on either side of the street. I used to thi
  8. This pisses me off. The exterior of that mansion was glorious and the property's location quite advantageous. I truly hope that they haven't abandoned the project completely given what they've destroyed in the process.
  9. It was nice to see the park was packed today even well after the Astros game began. If the residential takes off and the Pavillions is marketed well, that are really can be a focal point of activity year round.
  10. Phoenix is also dominated by a lot of post-modern and 70s era buildings. It really dominates their public facilities. They didn't seem to get in on the brutualist movement as much but they did let the 70s miss them either.
  11. Sounds good. I just hope the rain stays away until later.
  12. Imagine something like this built along the Bayou near downtown.
  13. I think Dunkin' Donuts has better donuts but Shipley has pretty good kolaches. Krispy Kreme is hit or miss.
  14. Hmm... I've not paid attention. That's a good point, though. I'll have to see if I can note a change in that area myself whenever I'm happening by.
  15. It's tricky. The summer is warmer and less inviting for many when it comes to outdoor recreating yet kids are out of school, including college age kids, and so the park may be able to draw more from a group that isn't as available right now. It really is something that merits close attention to see if a trend can be spotted.
  16. While I wouldn't exactly say it looks exactly identitical, I do agree with the overall point, which is that they took a long time to rehab the old center and that there will be other elements in play that could very well affect the leasability of the added parcels. I would've thought that they'd have tenants in place by now (of course, I also thought they would've been done with the rehab at least six months ago as well).
  17. It seems pretty clear that they reached an unexpected snag in the timetable. What the implications are for the project overall will obviously remain to be seen. I would certainly like to see or hear of revisions to whichever aspects of the project that are deemed prudent by the development group.
  18. Where the rubber meets the road: today on a weekday afternoon at approximately 1:15 PM, I saw quite a number of people just hanging out, walking their dogs, reading, playing shuffle ball (yes, shuffle ball), throwing frisbees and just being themselves. It's the off-event/non-novelty attendance that will really mark the park's longterm impact, especially if more residential continues to swell near it.
  19. The meters are enforced on Saturdays up until six o'clock unless otherwise posted.
  20. Seems like they're rhabbing the sidewalks all along Elgin from Travis to Bagby.
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