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  1. I wish her the best of luck, but a couple of things in that article made my eyes roll. She was on a block with four restaurants. With several others within a couple-hundred feet. Seems like you oughta be able to sell desserts to some of those people instead of choosing a location where people will have to make a special trip to get to you. There are HUNDREDS of apartments literally RIGHT ON TOP of the Midtown location. Do these people not eat breakfast? I suspect the real story is that Post increased the rent, so she decided to move, because the actual reasoning makes zero sense.
  2. 2920 is the address of the Lucky Food Store. There was at some point a restaurant concept that would have occupied the rear half of that building (I recall a drawing showing a door facing the parking lot just West of the building. Not sure if the whiskey bar will take over the whole building or just the rear half.
  3. Can you, tho? I suppose with diagonal internal walls, you can have 8 spaces that come right up to the corner, but then they wouldn't really be end caps in the sense you have two exterior walls "to promote an open atmosphere" (as the rendering copy says). Maybe there's retail on the 2nd floor, but the rendering doesn't look like it.
  4. Not sure how a building with 4 corners can have 7 endcaps, unless some of them are mid-block endcaps, which seems like a strange use of the term.
  5. I read somewhere that one of the tests for a city is if there were a city-wide protest or celebration, would everyone instinctively know where to go to participate. I'm pretty sure Houston fails this one.
  6. You mean an overly wide right-of-way dominated by automobile traffic? Houston has plenty of those!
  7. Observing the income premium from having a college education and concluding that we need to send everyone to college was a very "wet streets cause rain" moment. As was observing that home ownership correlated with good economic outcomes and concluding that we need to make everyone a homeowner. The latter caused the 2008 financial crisis. The full reckoning of the former has yet to come.
  8. I think any list that doesn't have the CBD and Midtown at #1 and #2 is probably a little off.
  9. Food halls are the new food truck parks. They give aspiring restaurateurs a chance to test a concept before committing time and capital to a full build-out, and are a vastly more pleasant experience for the diner than a food truck park, which (in Houston at least) are generally in un-shaded parking lots with little to no seating, no bathrooms and lots of generator noise.
  10. I'm generally against single family zoning in cities. And the closer to the city center, the less defensible it is. As a relief valve against city-wide zoning, I suppose the minimum lot size ordinance is useful, but, yes, it's difficult to see it as anything other than exclusionary. In this case, and in the case of the MLS area application intended to block development of the Fitzgerald's site, it's been deployed as a way to block development of sites already sold or on the market. This should be a lessen to property owners: get your re-plats done as quietly as possible and BEFORE you put the property up for sale.
  11. With the possible exceptions of Medicare and Social Security, single family zoning may be the most effective form of inter-generational wealth transfer from low-net-worth millenials to high-net-worth boomers this country has.
  12. Went over the holidays, and it's quite good, especially given the size of the space and the volume they're doing. They have 5 (I think) large offset smokers in a glass-walled smokehouse next to the serving line. Brisket, pork, ribs and turkey were all very good, sides are decent, and the dining room is clean and pleasant.
  13. You wouldn't normally need 3 levels of parking for 5 floors of residential.
  14. Agree, but the important part of this one is the first floor, not the other 5. And the Mondrian-style detailing appears to only be on that one corner.
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