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  1. I was curious how many of those buildings still exist that NASA used in the early days, and how they look now. See attached images. I tried to get basically the same camera angle as the pictures in the first document / link above. Only a few appeared to no longer be standing.
  2. I remember a book store in Westbury Square - even though just a kid - and that probably was the name of it. Thanks. Great memories of that whole complex.
  3. I used to live in Clear Lake, and came across those same old maps showing Camp Killkare. It was on several updates of essentially the same map. I also did research into aerial photography and old USGS maps. I once went over to that area, as close as I could get to the site, to see if I could see anything. There were thick trees in the way, and private property beyond. Another way to view the area is from the piers at the park on Taylor Lake, and you can look north to the bend (as shown above). The site still remains a mystery to me. More than likely, it was just a feature recorded on the original map, as something special to the cartographer, or something that was planned to be significant, but never turned out to be. Maybe it was something of temporary use, and just happened to be active when the map was first being prepared. Perhaps there is some information in the Clear Lake or Seabrook libraries...
  4. Good post there about Babbage's. I completely forgot about that place. Definitely went there in the early days of computing (maybe at Westwood, Sharpstown, or Meyerland malls). I can't remember what I purchased, but probably was DOS books or early software.
  5. That sounds right; Gene's Model Shop. My brother and I went there a lot, and it's one of the few places I can remember there. I used to get those plastic car kits to assemble and paint, and maybe train and slot car stuff.
  6. Yeah, it was at what is now 7801 Hillcroft, at the southeast corner of Hillcroft and Pine Street. The A-frame building faced Hillcroft, with the length of it paralleling (and just south of) Pine St. I remember going to it as Der Wienerschnitzel possibly as early as the late 60s, but definitely in the 70s. By the mid 80s it was Niner's Hamburgers (they still had hot dogs too). I actually worked there. The owners also had a Niner's location in Pasadena, possibly also a former Der Wienerschnitzel. According to their website, there are currently 45 Texas locations: https://www.wienerschnitzel.com/location-results/texas/?address=tx The founder had an interesting and fun life: https://www.wienerschnitzel.com/drive-thru-life-the-story-of-john-galardi-founder-of-wienerschnitzel/
  7. That's not true. For one thing, you can't "burn" a huge brick building. Secondly, it was demolished. Here is a link to an article referencing Dec. 1995 with the first mention of the mansion's planned demolition, and available sale of all items in the house prior: https://www.chron.com/this-forgotten-day-in-houston/article/The-Seabrook-Murder-Mansion-6705906.php There are other articles in the Chronicle with news of the actual demolition starting, possibly in 1996. I used to have copies of them. I visited the site around 2005, and it was already set up as a subdivision. Here's an article from 2014, detailing a man's dislike of living too close to the former Mansion site. 514 Villa Dr. is indeed essentially where the mansion was located. There are plenty of photographs and aerial images to confirm this. Others apparently don't want to believe that's true. https://www.chron.com/homes/article/Man-wants-out-of-lease-after-learning-of-5427481.php
  8. Although it's called "The Hobbit Cafe" currently, I want to say that at one time (late 70s / early 80s) it was called "The Hobbit Hole Cafe". Does anyone remember if that's true? I also wonder if the building looks different or has been remodeled since back then. Driving by there more recently, it seemed to have a different appearance from memory.
  9. I remember this restaurant, being close to my neighborhood, and went there a number of times. I remember the large round(?) windows and sign in front. It was near another food "landmark", fast-food chain Del Taco, a little farther east on S. Braeswood. It was apparently a restaurant chain (I always thought that was the case). I found this interesting link concerning a restaurant in Amarillo of likely the same group. Apparently some type of lawsuit. https://caselaw.findlaw.com/tx-court-of-appeals/1352879.html
  10. I didn't know that was at the library, so thanks for the note. I'm not sure if it was ever done, but someone really should have collected as many Astroworld items as possible, and opened a mini-museum. This model certainly would have made a worthy addition. I suppose it could still be done, if someone started the ball rolling. There are surely many items in various hands across the city, and could be rounded up if they were donated to such a worthy cause.
  11. I remember seeing the blimp occasionally overhead from SW Houston. It was often seen around sunset, and the illuminated display / billboard on both sides had messages, and I suppose, advertisements. I also remember driving by the hanger in Spring. Sometimes the blimp was parked outside next to it, or floating nearby. Great memories!
  12. "Houston - The Bayou City" by David McComb.
  13. Interesting. It'd be great to see a picture of the shopping area in its heydey. I only know it's 1997-2012 appearance. I didn't realize that there was ever a second floor. How was it like Westbury Square? I'm sure there were NASA connections too, with the space program going strong during the earlier years. I'm curious your bottom quote is from the Sweet song "Blockbuster". Perhaps not.
  14. It's hard sifting through all of the data here, but 18091 Upper Bay Road is in the city of Nassau Bay (not Seabrook, Houston, or anywhere else). According to Google, that address currently houses Viola & Agnes' Neo Soul Cafe. I used to live near there, and it is a fairly old strip center, basically across from Johnson Space Center. I'm guessing it was built in the 60s or 70s. I've been to the Arlan's Market at 4614 NASA Road 1 (currently NASA Parkway), at Kirby, which is in Taylor Lake Village, but has a Seabrook address (due to no post office in Taylor Lake Village). Here is a link to an article that mentions the Nassau Bay and NASA Road 1 / Kirby locations: http://www.chron.com/neighborhood/bayarea/news/article/Arlan-s-family-business-spreading-across-Texas-9461340.php
  15. Great to see the video (good quality!) and read the posted memories. I think I went two times, probably 8 or 9 years old. I remember the Oriental-looking tower, the water ride, and seeing some animals. I also remember a strange smell coming from the brewery (sort of like burn spaghetti). I'm sure it was hard competing with Astroworld, which had so much more to offer. Due to the animals, there would have also been unique expenses and personnel along the lines of zoo upkeep and handling. The location was sort of strange too, in the midst of freeways and buildings. You never really could escape the city/urban atmosphere surrounding the site like you could at Astroworld. I remember enjoying it though.
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