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  1. I grew up less than 2 blocks from there on the same street many of our former neighbors still live there there are some other unique houses on that block as well those were the greatest times ever!
  2. does sketti warehouse still have the large welded metal piece by the door where you take a pinball and put it in the top and it goes through a series of tracks and loops ect and ends up back down at the bottom?
  3. are you going in to kill 4 years until the economy improves or to change careers? Marines = the hardest Army = they still march around places and sleep in tents Navy = no one marches around a boat (but they do scrape rust) and at least you get to sleep "indoors" Air Force = no one marches around a plane and they fly to places fast if you want a career change go in the Navy and go into IT or nuclear propulsion (the nuclear job market is about to explode and south Texas is looking to build two more so you could get a job right close to home)......the problem with nuclear is that big ships go NO
  4. if I was you I would totally skip going to school at UNT....I would go to just about any other university in Texas over UNT....and I have been a student at 4 state universities in Texas including UNt and 3 community colleges and worked for yeat another state university UNT talks a good game and fails to deliver on ANY of it unless you are a mucis major....when I was a student at UNT even the art students made fun of their art programs....the advertising art program they all called "fake advertising"....you would be better served going right out there and going to work especially in any type of
  5. long story some on here don't like their opinions being proven false
  6. The Beef and Bird was great...I grew up about two stones throws from there
  7. In my area Lakeside and Walnut Bend it seemed like things hit hard because there were literally 10 for sale signs on some blocks, but a lot of people in that area were higher up and or pretty valuable and many were conservative with their cash....many many of our neighbors still live there today and some even call our house the (my last name) house even though the people that bought it from us have lived there now longer than we did there were also a lot of people in that area not in the oil business....some of our neighbors on our street went over seas one with Aramco and another with Coope
  8. Rusty Pelican was the restaurant there was a halmark card shop just to the left as you walked west out of Target....the Target mall entrance was at an angle.....I believe there was a toy store (possibly a KB) a womens fashion store...the Pizza was Godfathers with an outside entrance....the game room probably was funway freeway......it started out across the mall from Godfathers inside the mall then moved across the mall next to Godfathers with plans to cut an outside entrance for later hours, but the expense of cutting the wall was too much them game rooms died......the Randals was a Weingarte
  9. My suggestion would revolve around what you feel your house is worth in a down market VS what you feel it might be worth in an up market.....and it would be to find a place you desire or think you desire and possibly find one that needs a bit of "touch up" work and then purchase that place using the equity in your current home and rent that new place out for a few years.....you can find management companies that can take care of the work for you and if you are buying a place that needs some touch up already you can be less concerned with renting it as long as you break even or better on the re
  10. depending on the race of the people sitting on those graves it would either be appalling or no big deal at all.....one large culture now in Texas sees nothing wrong at all with sitting on graves, stones, or markers because they view their dead and their observance of the dead in a much different fashion than many others do so while you might have seen it as disrespect to the graves or the dead they saw it as common ordinary behavior based on what they do as celebration in their own country and in no way viewed it as or intended it as disrespect to the graves or the dead in them
  11. actually poorly designed and conducted studies show your results more realistic modern well designed studies show exactly the opposite results http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200807/memphis-crime just one example of how breaking up the ghetto and spreading it around not only hurts a city it hurts the lower and low middle income areas the most some people will just never want to admit that there are many many many people on welfare that have no intention of ever getting off of it and no intention of ever doing anything but abusing it and no intention of taking any responsibility for themselves o
  12. widen almeda to accept the traffic and put in the red flyovers by Santiago and the basins serve the puropse if it gives water a place to go other than where it is not wanted
  13. they should do away with that stretch of road entirely and hook it into almeda and then move/widen/beautify the bayou there and put in some flood control lakes in it...the golf course would be shifted over and more room for the zoo and park like this the white is one alignment alameda would be made a wider parkway and if the red flyovers were desired in addition to the white parts they would be of course designed by Santiago Calatrava obama is in office now so there is plenty of money for anything
  14. I believe technically the park is 100% private property since it is in trust for 20 years and because of that cops can tell people of any type they need to leave private property and this is the same reason it can be rented and parts or all of it closed for private events
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