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  1. that house HAS to be cut up like crazy...those are some tiny rooms.
  2. I hate these kind of preachers never draw a line..its like its ok to do a little sinnin..you cant help it, just keep coming here and giving us money. It s a great buisness enterprise and would lie if I said I hadnt thought of taking it up in my younger days
  3. That comment reminds me of my attitude living in Montrose in the 80`s/ 90`s...Heights is ok if you are ok with the Austin wannabes. The rest of the places are what I consider for people with a bit of money. I make more than the avg haifer but couldnt live in any of those areas. I live outside the loop and dont mind driving. I used to bike everywhere, but as you soon realize it controls your life, (what clothes, what do I really need at the store, etc) In my opinion Warrens was played out when power tools closed. I dont mind going for a party though..but it is a little frilly. Not trying to be an ass, but livin inside the loop isnt anything new nor is it that different anymore. Soooo can we meet back at the Happy Lounge next time.
  4. who the heck started the thread...MM?..he needs to step up and say something. Dont start something you cant finish.
  5. The Hilton? Can someone please look at the "what do HAIFERS make poll" If I remember correctly the happy hr will be more of a hr due to lack of funds. Now I am down for a 7.50 drink...just not 8 of them.
  6. the rest of the area seems to have been developed in the 20's..is that correct? I lived 2 blocks from the school and my house was built in 39. Was this area considered suburbs when it was built?
  7. there have been gunshots at the neighbors house a few nights...cops come, no one around, cops dont go in the house. The outside is riddled with bullet holes, around 30. Not even sure the people that lived there are still there. I am sure its a rent house so I looked up the owner and googled his name and mailing address...he is in a bit of trouble and may be in jail...so legally what can I do to get the cops to go in the house and ck it out? Someone has broken some windows recently also. I know there are lawyers on this board, due the the profession of the neighbor (Dr) I would rather not divulge any more unless by pm..
  8. there was an article a while back in the paper..the short of it is, somehow the town was dying (freeway bypass or something) and this was created to generate interest. The original grave had been moved and no one was real sure of the original location.
  9. I remember going as a kid..gocarts were always the first stop. Seemed like we drove forever to get there. It was the first time I saw Coke cans emptied and Jack Daniels filled and taken in,( something I used in my later yrs)...seems like everyone had to carry a can.

    big balls

    they remind me of alien eggs appearing everywhere...the next time they come to get readings of my implanted chip I will ask them about the balls.

    big balls

    ..at HEB also. thanks for the pic MM thats exactly what I am talkin bout. I cant believe HEB paid this much for these..I was thinking about 350...those are a little expensive. Trying to be hip is getting expensive.

    big balls

    no, doesnt help..none are what I am talking about.

    big balls

    you know..the ones that are always in EVERY garden in Atomic Ranch? I assume they are concrete, but havent seen them for sale. Anyone know where to buy them? Guessing they are around 2 ft around.
  14. Squirrels in the attic. Looking for a trap. Dont want to drive to a feed store to pick up.
  15. not sure how to read this measure. on a survey...15.7 I know its fifteen feet, but 7 inches or 7/10 of an inch?
  16. warrens and la caraffe..downtown in the hipster zone. What about the tiki room at Volcano.
  17. are you crazy...we love passing by late at night...there is always something wierd happening there..usually a tv or something.
  18. this is a art show..there are no live bands. please see the website
  19. http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i66/donhug/dod.jpg this is my friend Carlos' show. Go to the website...it starts at 7 and St Arnolds will be providing refreshments. This is a happening show and was written up in the Press and Chronicle as a pick for the weekend.
  20. I spoke to him tonight, but totally forgot to tell him about the thread.
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