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  1. stay simple and go on to the next project.
  2. same here..our replacement is 3x what we paid for the house because of sq. footage.
  3. If they own it, your prob right. Its contaminated and things will grow differently when the water makes the chemicals rise. There was an old dumping ground by where I worked. They drove steel plates in the ground so they chem. couldnt leech (sp?) into the surrounding areas. Still, they provided drinking water and there was a very high rate of cancer there. Nothing seemed to grow in the area. I still think there was a buisness there of some sort, and this may have been where they dumped the byproduct.
  4. I am sheetrocking the bathroom this weekend and not sure about the ceiling directly above the shower area. I would rather use greenboard, but I bought some hardi board already. Is hardi board actually needed. I hate that the edges arent indented to tape and float. Does it really matter which I use?
  5. as long as people stick with the basics, they will not go out of style. I personally like the simple armstrong squares that you glue down then wax. They look the best.
  6. Riverside Inn was a nice restraunt on the river near the Highlands bridge on I-10. They had financial problems, and it burnt down...maybe last yr or the yr before.
  7. tile floors arent hard to get up..they seem to just pop off once you pry, then the mortar will just chip off. I actually scraped all of mine off and it went very quickly. If you are planning to stay in the house, put down real wood floors, not the prefab stuff. Not sure about other people, but I have always seen carpet/rugs as dirt rags. Dirt settles in and they are never clean.
  8. if you entered the old rd on the east side, you would have had to pass by the area, very close to the entry, where there was some structure..did you not see anything?
  9. http://www.historicaerials.com/?poi=3441 There is no farm house NW...look very close and its water, or something. You can see in later dates its dried up. But look at the entry rd from the right. There is a buisness of some sort. Looks like Two tanks or towers with a building beside it.By using the measuring tool, you can see its approx 1300 sq ft. In the 57 photo its very clear, but you have to zoom in..and to the South of that is a holding area for water I guess. Its perfectly round and you can see the runnoff patern from the North. In the 60`s you can see the building is pretty much gone, but there is something just west...looks like a bunch of boxes lined up. Then its gone, but you can see the outline of it still
  10. ok this may be insulting...but why a french drain? Gravel, holes in the pvc?? I have put drains then run 4 in regular PVC all the way to the front with a outlet. As long as the exit is higher than entry no problem. I used day laborers on the last one. 2 guys 8$/hr, 2 hrs. 50 foot run. This will remove water without all the other drama.
  11. too big with too many levels of roofing. The funniest was AJ`s..the guy drove up and just shook his head. Said no matter what I wouldnt be happy with the job they would do. That speaks volumes coming from their salesperson.
  12. ya know this could be nothing more that a overflow tank, or place to save water for livestock, from the water area just NE of the cross. If you look very close in the early pic there are 2 grooves in on of the bars...so when one cavity filled it would then overflow into the other..funny thing is, if you thing about it, this area could have been deserted inthe 40`s, and if the maps went back a little further their may have been a farm, slaughterhouse or anything of a rural nature.
  13. sundance gutters 281 541 9538. They were the only comp. that would touch my house...all others just politely declined due to size. they did a great job.
  14. good one...I wonder if that is/was a private road or not?
  15. No..Gardenburger riblet at the grocery store...go try one...they are great.
  16. my wife has been buying a fake meat product called riblet...its taste exactly like a mcribb
  17. ok...picture a tank holding something...it came time to fill it...they used the dirt from around the area to fill it to the top of the dividers or whatever those things are making the cross. Of course they are straight..they are man made. The area is marsh now because its low due to the removal of dirt to fill the area. IT would take alot of dirt to fill something that size. if you go back, bring a shovel and dig where the cross is and you will hit something solid very quickly.
  18. by using the measuring tool on the site, you can see the large item is over 300 ft and the smaller items are 25-35 feet in diameter. The SW quadrant is a different color, guessing it contains another material.
  19. Ok, remember the crazy thread on the cross in Addicks by Patterson...well I used the archival map link in the airport/288 thread and you can totally see it in the 1957. There is a road going to it and it really looks like some sort of liquid was stored. You can see depth and the cross portion apprears to be a road/walkway...there are also what apprears to be some other round tanks just SE of the cross. There is a large building to the west of the cross that looks like a farm or something...ck it out
  20. heres a couple. under the cabinets was a few squirrels nest...according to the neighbor, prior to selling, the house had stacks and stacks of books with a small trail thru the entire house. there were animals living in there...crazy.
  21. I am super happy with the cabinets. They are made like Kraftmade cabinets. I reinforced ours here and there with wood glue, larger nails etc. My wifes parents has had theres for 20+ yrs and look great. Highway 6...home tour is quite a ways away, but till then, there is rumoured to be buried treasure under the flower beds...come over with a shovel and dig for free. Not sure which bed so be prepared to dig in all, but you can keep 1/2 of what you find...hahaha Flipper...split level is due to 1968 addition (Robert Maurice) to a 1935 initial build. I have the backsplash part of the countertop cause I am OCD and would be obsessed about water etc getting behind the cabinets. Bobby, Jan, Marsha etc are welcome as long as they dont report child labor violations. Alice is not welcome. There is no more carpet in the house. ha
  22. My wife was upset I didnt clean up befor this one.. round lights from Ikea and the bubble from DWR. The blue is from the Sherwinn Williams retro line.
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