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  1. that house is very nice....a good coat of paint and that would be a model house for the area.
  2. how deep WAS the bayou? How deep is it now...I just cant imagine a ship (I imagine more of a small boat) would go down the bayou...I realize it has changed some, but damn, deep enough to conceal a ship?
  3. Yes it helps. I currently live in 77023 and really need to move...just not sure where to go. Kingwood looks the best but the damn drive is a killer. Unfortuntely my housing budget is around 240 and under. I am dying for an older house (50-70s) just not sure where to go...we may have kids shortly so schools are important.
  4. tried to search but didnt see anything...we are trying to move out of the east end to a place with better schools. A friend said the schools are really good in the area, but I didnt see anything to support on har. Is this a nice neighborhood, or ghetto? I love the mods over there, but also notice prices are a little low...what gives?
  5. Rory was a good friend and I will miss him...he was big around town in the live music scene...especially in the rockabilly and country circles. Never had a bad thing to say and was the life of the party.
  6. bought one Fri after add....walking in circles would require going outside. thanks for the reply though.
  7. I have finally decided to put up some pics...I have alot of art, but no frames..I want something nice..not sure that includes ikea. Target didnt have anything. Looking to keep it under 100. for largest (30x20. Please tell me where to go.
  8. These pics along with alot more can be seen at Baytown Historic museum
  9. Benjis is what I was thinking...if everyone else is like me, I need a place that I could just leave without feeling weird. A sitdown dinner or lunch is such a commitment. How can you go wrong at Volcano with the frozen scredrivers?
  10. Musicman..mkt square is terrible during happy hr....parking is a b!tch. The Volcano has a awesome tiki bar that has huge tables (but most stand) and it would be very easy for someone to just leave if they werent having a good time. What the bar behind Nit Noi in the village that kinda has mod decor? That would be great as well...I really dont think its hard to pick people out that are on the HAIF..one picked me out at the store, and the ones I have met just look like I imagined someone on the HAIf would look.
  11. ya that prob. the last place you would want to get wood
  12. We are soon to be painting the exterior of the house (standard 1939 2 story) for resale..currently the house is yellow with bright white trim. I picked the colors from a sherwinn williams card that had them grouped together...the big question is should I use a off white color? I have NEVER seen another house with bright white trim. I think it looks great, but I dont seem to have the same taste of the majority. Oh ya...I also had bright white trim in interior and softened it up and it looks ALOT nicer.
  13. I am trying to figure out what is normal to pay for a house..one article I remember said you should be able to afford 3x your annual salary. Thats total payment, not just principle and taxes. Is this the norm? I cant afford that and just wondering if maybe my spending is out of whack.
  14. I have a good friend that lives here and the plans do seem to be on hold. Rumors were flying about owners health, but seems to be ok. They were told they at some point they would have to move fairly quickly. He also says the neighborhood is getting worse..not sure how that could be though.
  15. Heres the deal, I had a similiar prob., and there are enough disclaimers in the inspection paper work that you really have no recourse. I did call and delicate flower and let them know I contacted a lawyer and was taking them to court (didnt really have one), and they were very helpful after that. They were mire than happy to state the owner knew about problems and werent propery disclosed. Then you can go back on the owners/
  16. pier and slab and used alot on high end houses...they were used on alot in Meyerland.
  17. Anyone have a asphalt drive? My current driveway is broken and water is flowing to the back yard, rather than break it out, I was thinking of asphalting directly over it. I am shure there are problems with ashpalt driveways, just not sure what they would be? This is a cost issure, I do not want to spend 7k replacing the drive, the top of drive is the only bad place, and its a 12x12 circular area (one car drive opens to 2 car garage.) So question is does it look tacky, and are there any problems?
  18. I am trying to add pics...clicked on picture button and added url from photobucket, but nothing. I know I know...but the thing is if I was footin it, I would drive a ronald mcdonald shoe if had a engine and got me around.
  19. It only needs a hose...I am too lazy to do it..If you change it..I will recharge the system for you. Solid body
  20. True, but you have to eat alot of crap to make that pound. Easiest thing is look at things that arent processed....the less man has done with it, the better it is for the most part. Frozen vegetables and frozen chicken breast are a staple with me. Fast food is a treat for weekends. I do cardio for 20 min every other day...I also take supplements, I am 40 and the older you get the harder it is. You may want to mention it to your dr. and see if he can give you anything
  21. burn more calories than you take in...isnt that easy. Excercise and dont eat alot of crap.
  22. TJ its 600.00 ,if you need pics, you dont need the car...hahaha j/k
  23. okay 600.00 for the weekend. This is a good car, just want it out of the driveway
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