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  1. Realtor said roof had been leaking for yrs. Flooded and never repaired.
  2. make sure and put the flourescent lights in also.
  3. Shiners new mesquite beer su@ks

  4. three day laborers from home depot gulfgate. 8$ hr..dont do a french drain..just use 4in pvc with a catch basin, and let gravity do the work.
  5. they are supposed to be shooting at my work tomorrow..they said it was for a new godfather movie..they may have been joking..wasnt paying much attention, but something is def. happening tomorrow.
  6. just realized you can see the set in this old thread.
  7. Whishbone legs and 4 dogbone chairs. All chairs are the same. No arms. 2 leaves...it will fit 8 chairs at the table. It is a walnut color now. I have seen this same color on many sets, but it was orginally wheat. Cheap price to move today. Fri it will be on Ebay. 500.oo. Yes I know its worth twice the price. I may trade something, just ask. Not taking Nigerian post dated cks or money orders. Donny I would post a pic but dont know how. Send email and I can fwd a picture.
  8. why do the drawings always look more exciting than the actual pictures?
  9. now that I reread the topic "help with MCM remodel", and not remuddle, i would def. get that stuff out for heavy trash.
  10. start over. Look at some of my pics. Ikea cabinets and solid type counter. 5k for all.
  11. I have a commercial membrane installed by Starfish roofing. The owner is over the green houston roofing assoc, or something like that. Its white rubber and has a infinite life (infinite to me being about 30 more yrs)
  12. I have a treadmill I want to sale. $250.00. High quality. Cost 1299 at Academy. 1yr old. Recent knee surgery, and now want an eliptical machine. Pm any questions. Can deliver for addl price.
  13. Why does the slab look so uneven? Is there a lower 2x4 that these studs rest on? Why does the slab look so uneven? Is there a lower 2x4 that these studs rest on?
  14. Over time, everthing would sag (happens in buildings and people.haha) . Wood needs a little support of the end of a long run. I would replace them with 3 in tubing. Just a round pole with a 3x4 plate welded on each end.
  15. There is Atkins downtown, but for a nice door, go to any of the customer door companies, Conroe door, I think Mongomery customer door....anyway thats what they do. They make doors for other companies to sell. I showed them pics on a mod door costing 2000 or so and they laughed and explained the rediculous markup...so they arent that expensive considering its the first thing people see (unless you have a car broken down in the front yard ) when they come to your house. I have an installer that works on weekends only. PM me when/if you need the info.
  16. sorry to resurect an old thread, but Starfish Roofing are the best. The owner is main person on the Houston Green Roofing committee..(or something like that) 713 say roof.
  17. My comp does buisness with door companies and showed them this company. They said the prices are crazy high and probobly having someone else make them, then marking them up. Call Conroe door is you need a retro door. They will make one cheaper than this.
  18. I have a white roof with a very slight pitch. No mildew and cuts cooling cost.
  19. they make such a device...a fist..haha...well if you want to cut the studs you will have to make a header, and reinforce everything...being under the stairwell, where I am guessing there is a large weight load, I wouldnt mess with it without asking a structural engineer.
  20. when you say "in the wall. guessing you have shiplap that needs to come out...shouldnt be a big deal, just dont cut into studs.Also try to figure out how your water is run and make sure the pipes do go thru the wall...that would be extra work to redirect the pipes, but not too much is your peir and beam
  21. I used Sundance Gutters and am very happy with the job. For the money, the others arent worth it in my opinion. I think my friend paid like 8k for a 1200 sq ft house for one of the expensive brands. Lifetime cleaning (it has leafguards?). I spent around 3k for about 80% of a 2900 sqft house.
  22. the cattle fencing has the smaller squares at the bottom. These 16ft panels can be put in the back of a standard pickup, just bring a few tie downs. It will look like you are hauling an archway. The panels will spring right back into place when removed.
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