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    511 Main St.

    Houston is what LAs population was in the 60s I wonder what Houston will look like in 60 years.
  2. I was wondering when they were gonna start this!
  3. Interesting man I wish I had that chicken and waffles recipe they had best!
  4. I would think someone major would have their eyes on that land. I still don't know where the hell the new Cadillac dealership is at I get my car serviced at Nissan Central and I didn't see anything over there last week.
  5. If everything is built according to this banner and if the Central Cadillac plots are redeveloped this area is gonna be beast!
  6. Just put a Jinya Ramen in there the Midtown location is a pain 😊
  7. I was looking through their site last night and they had a rendering in the Galleria area of a tower that looked like the Brava tower downtown.
  8. Do you think they go as drastic as just building within the current right away and not taking any right of way.
  9. If anyone had to guess do you think the rebuild will be built as is with the current plans?
  10. It's a dumbass name excuse my language. They should have went with Apollo's. I'm glad we dodged the bullet in that 🤢
  11. What was it to maintain initially they were new and they didn't work!!!!
  12. I'll say it again those lights have never fully worked even after they were installed. It makes you wonder if the company who installed the lights did shotty work.
  13. The luxury stores at Buckhead Village were leaving for Phipps and Lenox before River Oaks District even started losing tenants to the Galleria.
  14. Yeah I thought it was the city too Yeah I thought it was the city too.
  15. I wish the city would have went a extra step and banned signage on poles similar to Sugar Land.
  16. I was confused about the airport corridor ordinance when it came out what makes it different than ordinance on any other freeway?
  17. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/articleComments/City-Council-rejects-Chick-fil-A-request-for-an-17228493.php
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