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  1. They'll have to. It's going to be 98 this weekend and not cooling off much overnight. When do the cranes show up?
  2. You can't get 34 units into a lot that small in less than seven floors. The downtown condos with 200+ units are 20 floors tall or more (unless they're a wrap covering two blocks).
  3. I could see E&P coming to Houston, while R&M stays up north. That's essentially how Marathon split its operation. That's if the whole kit and caboodle doesn't come to Houston. I found it significant that the IT, HR, tax and accounting departments are all rumored to be moving to the Woodlands. The only people who would be left in Irving would be Tillerson and his immediate lieutenants. If Tillerson weren't wed to his ranch in Fracking Hell, the whole company would be in Houston already.
  4. I worked one summer in that West Wing. Even though it's gone, it's not forgotten.
  5. They are moving some very unusual departments to the new space in the Woodlands - heavy on the administrative functions without being the corner suites. It seems rather unusual for them to split their work groups like that. Commuting back and forth would be a pain. BP is not going to move to the US, but they are spinning off part of the company to a new Houston-based entity. Chevron's still got that Australian gas works to deal with before they start developing additional office space here in the States. I could see Exxon splitting in much the same way ConocoPhillips and Occidental split. Th
  6. Plus a Towne Place Suites, so that the people shopping in Walmart and Micro Center have a place to crash at the end of the day. Probably four levels of suite hotel goodness.
  7. Well, that's Philip Johnson for you. Swamplot says this building is three times the size of the previous design, in part because the developer was able to buy the house next door.
  8. They also look very similar in style. They're on the same block, but two different buildings.
  9. One project that is not shown on this map is the Hamilton Apartments, which will go up on St. Joseph Parkway (NW of the intersection of I-45 and US 59/I-69). There's a building permit listed in HBJ, which usually doesn't happen until dirt has started moving. The description is apartment units atop a garage structure. No other details, other than it's a $15 million project.
  10. Today's BisNow mentioned this project obliquely, saying Trammell Crow had a 6-story project in the pipeline for Downtown.
  11. Two different articles on two different days. Of course, we may get a third story from BisNow's Future of Downtown conference.
  12. They need to use the original typeface that was used in the class rings.
  13. Banish the thought! We who were in those early classes back in the '70s want nothing to do with "Fame". Better to ask the late Ruth Denney. And the theatre needs a Star of David in the ceiling.
  14. I think that's intended, as is the line to Intercontinental. How soon depends on John Culberson getting removed from office.
  15. Houston did not get Harris Teeter, which became a major fixture in DC (the Teeter in Shirlington is a great example of mixed use combining residential, shops and even a theater and library). Sadly Teeter's been gobbled up by Kroger, so no chance of seeing them in Texas.
  16. At the same time, this one isn't going away. BisNow included a mention of it in today's edition. Along with a 6-story residential also being developed by Trammell Crow but not shown on the development map.
  17. Colliers claims 90% of the A and B product downtown is leased, based on this morning's BisNow (I know - two different people, two different days, two different opinions). And rents are going way up.
  18. Except there is a Broadway and it goes straight to Hobby Airport. (And one day, it might even be nice to look at ).
  19. Is this the Trammell Crow midrise?
  20. They're going to need groceries. The whole swath from MacGregor all the way up to Northside and beyond is regarded as a "food desert", so it could definitely support something along the lines of WinCo, Aldi or Market Basket. Trader Joe's could also make a go of it down there. DC has done a lot with apartment blocks atop grocery stores, so it can work in any urban setting.
  21. Warriors of the World, by Marx! It will definitely be massive. I'm not sure I can wait the year for this to start.
  22. So the design was so underwhelming they refused to disclose it? I sense another five-level stone-faced apartment block wrapped around a garage.
  23. That may wait till it opens. Any word on the Apache HQ? Or did Carl Icahn's meddling succeed in killing it?
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