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  1. Well, we'll see what happens to the price of oil, as that seems to be driving everything. Meanwhile, the Panama Canal widening opens in 2016, so we'll see how much traffic that brings to the Port.
  2. 609 has the potential to be our "Shard". Interesting shape, if a little flat on top.
  3. Actually, this is not unusual for the Third Ward these days. A lot of rowhouses have gone up in the two years since I got back to Texas. This is also starting to happen in the Northside and the Fifth Ward, so it may not be long before the entire area inside the Loop is seeing this kind of redevelopment. And the families that used to live there will find themselves out by Sharpstown.
  4. I'm astounded by all the new construction in the Heights. It might as well be out by Grand Parkway.
  5. The crane on the Astoria needs to get jacked up a little.
  6. Somebody at the Downtown forum hosted by BisNow claimed there are only three blocks remaining for office towers within the CBD. I'm not sure how much basis in fact there is for this assessment or even what is considered to be the Central Business District, but it surprised me.
  7. Nice stadium. Do you think the team will bother to at least show up for their next game there?
  8. Oh, dear. That name is persona non grata in this town...
  9. I'm also a little skeptical of any sort of "crash". 2014 was supposed to be the year the Houston economy hit the "pause" button, but hiring in the oil and gas sector added 5,000 jobs to the economy in the last two months, and there will be a lot of design engineers working on a lot of chemical plants over the next three years, so the party may continue for a while. That is, until this town gets too expensive to live in.
  10. One would think. But Dallas' economy is highly sensitive to dot-com busts and sheds a lot of jobs at the drop of a hat. I think they are more construction-leveraged than Houston. We saw that in 2001 and again in 2008. Oil, by contrast, has been holding up real well.
  11. We will all be calling it the Turducken before long. Especially if UH continues to suck fumes against UTSA.
  12. With absorption at 21,000 units a year and completions at 18,000 a year, we're going to need ten more Sovereigns just to meet this year's demand. After all 140,000 new residents have to live somewhere...
  13. Only Louisiana is sinking. They kinda screwed the pooch when it came to the Mississippi Delta.
  14. If it has, that's a lofty plateau. The proposed units are less than a year's demand.
  15. Here's an update: ...Data from the Greater Houston Partnership also shows the the city of Houston hit another record in July for building permits issued. This includes a 27 percent increase for residential permits. Under construction (red dots on map): Projects: 85 Total units:23,781 Recently opened (Green on map): Projects: 72 Total units: 19,923 Proposed Construction (yellow on map): Projects: 61 Total units: 18,065... http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2014/08/multifamily-construction-projects-spread-over-houston-region/#26279101=0
  16. Sarnoff picked up on the lack of development east of Downtown today. http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2014/08/multifamily-construction-projects-spread-over-houston-region/#26279101=0
  17. If it's just Houston that's getting expensive, it will hamstring some of the buildings being proposed downtown. However, if Chevron gets done spending on that $60 billion Australian gas plant, they might start looking at Houston again.
  18. Well, it's something, but then we've seen dates busted before. I'm guessing nothing until Q2 of next year.
  19. Are they kidding? US GDP figures just came out at 4.2%. The latest Texas Labor Market Indicator showed Houston has created 110,000 jobs YOY. Shouldn't a 2016 crash be a concern some place like Dallas?
  20. 10%? I've been hearing costs have gone up almost 50%. And there are labor shortages. I wonder if any of those kids from Honduras know how to swing a hammer.
  21. This one started life as 2x12. When the renders came out (shown on Page 1), it looked like 8. I'm not sure who got the idea it was 21, but it appears that the idea all along was for 8 stories - possibly in one monolithic building spanning two city blocks. Oh, well...
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