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  1. Well, this reminds me a lot of hate crime legislation. Everyone should be protected equally (no, not convicted felons... ) . What difference should it make in punishment if you murder someone for being gay, black, or for wearing white shoes after Labor Day? There need not be a "special" law passed. Just my opinion.
  2. I guess I believe, too, that everyone, regardless of race, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, etc. should have equal protection when it comes to employment. Not special protection for some.
  3. Could not agree more with you both. Memorial Bend is just one neighborhood seeing a LOT of the negative sides to recent McMansion activity, and its charm is eroding along with some residents who simply cannot afford to keep up with the Jones' appraisal values. It is very sad.
  4. Is that all you have? "Do some reading"? A combination of reading, and learning from people who support both versions, is how I came to my conclusions about Creationism vs. Evolution. Orikal, I don't want some religious kook taking away people's civil liberties, but I live in fear that mine will be trampled on and thrown in my face every day simply because I'm a Christian conservative. At what point did we decide that what was once good and true about this country is no longer? When did we all decide that Christian families and leaders were the enemy? Because they're actually saying what they've been saying since the days of Jesus Christ himself? I do not understand the hatred and the misconceptions and overall lack of empathy toward Christians as a whole, when the very community that wishes to have equal treatment placed upon themselves in the Church can't seem to give any of it worth a damn. I will never understand that mentality, and I was knee-deep in the gay culture for years. People cannot have it both ways. That's life, that's not just Christianity.
  5. Why bash the man for his beliefs? You have yours, let him have his. As for evolution, thank God someone had the balls to stand up and say they don't believe it. It's a theory, pure and simple, and doesn't have much to go on when you really get down to it. You don't have to believe it to be intelligent and you don't have to be in favor of gay marriage to be a good leader of this country. But then, why should I be surprised anyone in this thread could offer anything but what has already been said? Sad.
  6. I was thinking of taking some Mahi Mahi out of the freezer and making some fish tacos tonight, but there's no point unless I can duplicate the sauce that Berryhill uses on their Original. It is so good, kind of a sweet, tangy, tomato-ey, yogurt-y, spicy kind of thing. I've tried looking online but it is no use. Does anyone have any clue or could venture a guess as to what the heck that salmon-pink colored sauce is?
  7. I remember Town & Country in the late 80s early 90s. I remember when Abercrombie & Fitch were OUTFITTERS--much like an upscale LL Bean or Orvis. I still have my parents' knife set that came from A&F. I also remember well that Sweeney's was the wonderful jeweler right outside the mall in the Village. I loved that store! I was the store manager of Bombay Company for two years at T&C. In fact, I helped open our superstore there in 1992. It was a great time for us. Our store was consistently #1 in Houston until the Galleria store expanded into a superstore. T&C mall went into decline not too long after that, though, and I requested a transfer to the River Oaks store on W. Gray. I remember the food court--or lack thereof...some french bakery thing with sandwiches and some of the best blueberry muffins in the morning. There was a Sbarro and an Arby's. There was also a Neuhaus Chocolatier downstairs, which was a really big deal. Some sort of nut & candy store downstairs, too, next to the Mrs. Field's cookies. As far as Anchor stores, oh my, there was of course Neiman-Marcus, and Marshall Field's, and I believe JC Penney. I loved Marshall Field's, but the best store was Neiman's, going up to the clearance center and eating at the cafe, too. Yum!
  8. I'd like to second that. It is the best if you like NY style pizza. Pizza Roma was my favorite until they closed...
  9. How wonderful! I would love to try that flatbread, I bet it is delicious. Unfortuantely I have had RAGING morning sickness (what a misleading name) so I have yet to venture out again this past week. If I do go I have begged my husband for chinese food, it seems to be the only thing relatively appetizing to me!! Ah, only 24.5 more weeks to go...
  10. Doubtful...but so glad we have your special kind of wit on which we can fall back. Wherever intelligent discussion can be found, it's always nice to have your added commentary to "round out" things.
  11. My favorite place to study late was Cafe Artiste, as Jax mentioned already. It was great! My best friend and I studied for days there for his MCAT. I learned a lot more than I ever wanted to know about the human body that week....
  12. Did anyone catch Lucy Noland's pronunciation of "taquerias" last week? OMG! TAAAAK-er-eeyas! She's kind of strange, her greeting bothers me. She says it like she's got more to say after it. Very up and down sort of inappropriately like she's uncomfortable. "Thank you for joining usssssss...." Mia Shay is Channel 13's own Trisha Takanawa. She even sounds just like that!
  13. Some of the best jobs are just not made too public. MD Anderson's Animal Testing Facility is in Smithville and employs half the town, I'm sure.
  14. Nice. Wonder if they're looking for Phase III Clinical Trial Directors?
  15. I believe the building going up currently on the site is the Lifetime Fitness. Nice to hear McCormick & Schmick's is going in. I like that place.
  16. TJ, is that the new strip center over there where the pizza place is in between Fry and Mason?
  17. I think it would be fun, since we have so many foodies, to try a new place, some place you've always wanted to go, or maybe a place that's brand new, and write a review of it here this week. I'm going to try to get to this Mexican place on Memorial I know Matt has wanted to try for a while.
  18. Oh, well then. That makes me feel so much better.
  19. We just noticed a bunch of cameras put at intersections near our home (BW 8 & I-10W). Can someone explain what they are? All these cameras make me a little nervous.
  20. Just got off the phone with him. Mailboxes are considered federal property. He also said there are statutes protecting that property. He also joked (well, sort of, you can't always tell with him) that flying a flag of another country on federally-owned property (like, say the Capitol Bldg) could be interpreted as a sign of war. What an interesting analogy.
  21. I don't think it was always that way. I remember metal mailboxes that said "Property of US Gov't". Soooo...DUH? Not really. But, I can always consult with my FIL. He is a postal inspector and started as a letter carrier. He would know!
  22. I love North China's on Kingsride. Very fresh pan-fried or steamed. The ginger sauce is so good too!
  23. Jax, that has happened to DH too. I don't get it. It's not like the bus was full.
  24. Metro blows. You absolutely cannot rely on it to get you anywhere on time. Hubby has been late many a time either going to or coming from work because the 131 Memorial Express can't seem to get their act together. They are also notorious for making schedule changes (like removing a stop altogether) without notifying anyone, in writing, in person, or online. It's frustrating; DH is going back to the Addicks 298 as soon as that segment of I-10 is complete.
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