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  1. It appears the structure these towers will be constructed of steel rather than the typical reinforced concrete. The garages or located closer to BW8 and will be reinforced concrete. Back in the 80's boom many buildings where constructed with steel and had faster build times. Houston's tallest (JP Morgan Chase) tower comes to mind.
  2. Whenever I hear the construction general contractor has been chosen, I get excited. They're serious about starting this one soon.
  3. I agree this Mid Lane/Westcreek area will take on the name of it's most prominent destination - which will most likely end up being the River Oaks District. Highland Village will always be considered a rather nice shopping center on the other side of the tracks. I've actually never heard anyone say "the Highland Village area".
  4. Not exactly sure but most of their projects appear to be 5-stories.
  5. Yeah I've been wondering that for years.., those trees make a tremendous impact on softening the freeway. It's like night & day on each side of that stretch of roadway. I cannot remember if the slopes where they planted the trees had concrete burms or if it was grass before. IMO, the tree planting and landscaping on the side of Houston freeways and local street medians (think Westchase) is the single most important initiative that we've begun in terms of changing the perception of the city..., more important than any list of buildings that we could build during this boom. Now if we could
  6. This tower is not right next to the freeway but rather behind Millennium Tower I (facing Richmond). The lot cleared facing Beltway 8 is for an apartment complex wrapped around an interior garage. http://houstonnewcomerguides.com/news/the-heights-of-westchase-now-underway-westchase-district
  7. No.., That target has been there since the 90s.., I worked there around 93-94.., so it's at least 20 years old.., maybe more.
  8. Fabulous design. Looks like what I would expect the W Hotel to make a splash with in Houston..., who knows, maybe this thing will get re-branded.
  9. Difference of opinion I guess, but that's the beauty of an architecture forum. It certainly has that Miami, exotic look to me where the glass balconies ARE the most prominent architectural feature. You look at the building and immediately think residential condo/apartment tower.
  10. I'm still super excited about this building! It will probably have less glass than I first imagined from the rendering but the non-glass facade is being painted a unique aqua color which is very similar to the color of the glass and I think it will look fabulous. As far as being in the middle of nowhere, sure its not clustered amongst other towers but it's much more visible than it would be downtown, even at 40 stories. The absolute best view I've seen of it is driving east down Westheimer and right past the railroad tracks at Highland Village I could swear I'm in South Beach. 2929 Weslyan d
  11. 'Stonian

    Memorial Green

    Yeah he was definitely referring to Hotel Alessandra at Greenstreet which even though it's a hotel its still considered a residential component because people "reside" there, if only for one night. But I get your point.
  12. 'Stonian

    Memorial Green

    It was briefly mentioned via the link in the BLVD Place thread in December by the Midway Co's CEO that they would be announcing a residential component to Greenstreet downtown and this Memorial Green development not too far from City Centre this month. He started to speak in depth about upcoming mixed-use developments around Houston at the 12:45 minute mark and specifically mentioned this Memorial Green project (a joint venture with Methodist near Lantern Ln and Memorial Dr.) around the 15 minute mark.
  13. Actually a 15-story building will replace the Luby's being demolished.
  14. In addition to the fence now up around the old Luby's in City Centre - which is about to be demolished to make way for another 8-10 story tower.
  15. That side rendering looks an awful lot like the Anadarko II tower out in the Woodlands as well.
  16. You just love to disagree don't you. Most good architecture is hmmm.., "unnecessary" (i.e. spires, crowns, night lights). Utilitarian or necessary designs only need to supply space and shelter.
  17. Hardly obnoxious, it actually looks quite nice, especially at night. Well done! Houston could stand more of the unnecessary type architectural statements. Take away the lighted crown on that sharp corner and this is just another one of those newer 5-story wrap complexes.
  18. I regularly cringe when LTAWACS makes any comments, but I get their point here. Sure we all want a more walkable/urban city but having to walk 1/4 mile at work between meetings is not always desirable, especially in inclement weather.
  19. Nice... in spite of the boxiness that others are sure to complain about. Reminds me of Skanska's new Post Oak tower near the Galleria with similar greenish tent glass, if the rendering is accurate..
  20. Maybe I stand alone, but I don't have any problem whatsoever with townhomes here (gated or not). If it wasn't for the high end townhomes that turned this area around then we would not be even discussing a "Westcreek" or a "River Oaks District". Retail follows rooftops and luxury retail follows luxury rooftops. How soon we forget that this area was all Target parking lot and 50-60 year old (albeit well-maintained) apartments just a few years ago. My point is the townhomes got the ball rolling, now we're all "ooh, nasty gated townhomes". Personally, I appreciate the diverse residential offerin
  21. Once River Oaks 'district' is up and running you will not be able to distinguish it from High Street, Mid Lane, Westcreek, Highland Tower, etc. It will all be known as "The River Oaks District". High Street is far from a failure, rather genius if you ask me. They will get all of the benefits of being next to upscale shops of ROD because they had the foresight to develop first out of the recession and knew ROD was coming. The connectivity issue that others have mentioned is way overblown IMO. If you can walk to each individual development without having to cross major thoroughfares like Wes
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