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  1. Niche, that's just like you to go find and post the most unflattering angle of 5 Houston Center to make your point. I wouldn't expect anything less from you. We all know that pic is not a proper representation of 5-HC.
  2. Red, I don't think I missed you by a mile. Although I rarely post comments, I've been reading this board for years and know your HAIF personality. Believe it or not I do appreciate the fact that you're a Houston Homer, because I am also! Hell I used to think I was the only one until I discovered this website. But please note: Not all of us homers live in H-town, some of us are out on location spying out the competition ;-) You defend Houston at all costs and that's commendable, but you also run the risk of not being taken seriously when you can never admit "OUR" faults. This town has a long h
  3. Well VelvetJ I agree with you WHOLEHEARTEDLY!! (& I am sure of it!) Niche is "in"famous for spitting out a bunch of nonsense in most of his posts. One the one hand he agrees with you then, he goes off on some tangent about why the 56 story B of A ICON building is comparable to the 27 story 5 Houston Center. (BTW: I love 5 HOU CTR!) Most of Niche's posts leave me wondering if dude has any social skills or if he's one who just loves to hear himself talk. And don't even get me started on Red Scare.., He's never seen a building in Houston he doesn't like. He'd justify the architectural signif
  4. Well it was my understanding that the City did give a tax abatement/incentive for this project because it was within 4 blocks of the GRB convention center, however I'm not sure (& seriously doubt) that the C. of HOU entered into a covenant to control design changes. This argument that a city becomes "unfriendly" if its planning dept. requires certain features/aestethics is pure hogwash to me because obviously the overwhelming majority of cities demand improvements. Otherwise how would such great projects CONSISTENTLY get built in those places? I mean why would developers elsewhere (Atlanta
  5. Hey guys, I'm afraid this Embassy Suites building is turning out alot like the 35-story Memorial Hermann MONTROSITY out on I-10. After studying the renderings and the recently updated construction photos here showing the installation of the ES logo "Containment Box", I've figured out the discrepancy in floor count from the original announcement of 22-stories to the later 19-story references. I could be wrong but it seems to me that ES will indeed be ONLY 19 stories. These jokers have scrapped 3 of the top 4 recessed floors (the ones with the circular balconies) and have instead placed the arc
  6. Hey guys I browse this site weekly however this is my first ever post! When I lived in Houston's Post Midtown Square 8-9 years ago I prayed that "Midtown" would eventually get developed into this true urban oasis that many Haif'ers (like myself) crave, but when I would come back to visit 2-3 times a year I would notice that "Midtown" was at best slow to develop and half of the new development was disappointing to say the least (i.e. both new suburban style CVS stores). I live in Midtown Atlanta right in the mix of everything and would always wonder why Houston's "Midtown" couldn't get their ac
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