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  1. So many things in this city are being built on a timeline with the 2026 World Cup in mind
  2. Anyone have any info on the multi family that might be built here?
  3. Is that the back of the building where the new Woodrow's is going? If so, that seems like it'll definitely be the nicest Woodrow's thus far
  4. Does that mean How to Survive On Land And Sea is going away? That's too bad, if so
  5. It's amusing that they still have Revelry's basketball hoop out in the parking lot
  6. OMG Milk + Sugar is by far the best ice cream in town! I'm so excited that they're opening a second location
  7. Bayou Place is such an eye-sore. I pray that that's next on the development list for the Theater District
  8. Do we think Little Louie's has any relation to the former Cafe Louie? The former location was very close to Angie's in EaDo/East End
  9. Based on the TDLR filing, I imagine this has to do with the i45 rebuild. I hope this means that those huge parking lots around the area get consolidated into this one parking structure and the rest of that prime, downtown-adjacent land gets turned into something good (ideally parks or high density mixed-use)
  10. Wait, did this get approved? This goes right by my house and would cause so much more noise. What a truly moronic use of taxpayer money
  11. The Tempe vote for the Arizona Coyotes failed and the league is trying to decide the future of the team. There's speculation that the Coyotes have already played their last game in Arizona. I have to imagine Janis Burke and the Harris County Sports Authority are scrambling the jets today (since this vote failure was a slight surprise) and trying to finalize their big pitch to the league. Does anyone have concrete information on if a team not owned by Tilman can play in the Toyota Center? If that's the case, I don't think Houston will win, since we can't get them into the arena before next season. I also don't think the current owner has any interest in selling the team, so they'd have to build a new arena in Houston, if that rumor is true.
  12. This is what Incarnate Word Academy has done with Crane. Crane is building a big parking garage for the new Astros Village, but is reserving a certain number of spaces for IWA
  13. This is such a terrible idea that I hope doesn't catch on. As if traffic isn't congested enough as-is in most major metropolitan cities, now we have to add fleets of cars with no one in them? And if this is successful, the money will go directly to a massive corporation, with no individual workers making any profit. Boo!
  14. I guess all that is true, but I'm just a little skeptical of this portion of downtown improving in the next decade. The Astros entertainment district isn't currently expected to expand north of Minute Maid and I haven't heard about them extending the bayou trail beyond the Jose Campos Torres plaza. Also, I don't think the i45 Cap Park is going to extend this far north. Again, I would love for this area to take off and for this development to do well, but personally I would have tried building apartments directly on the Austin bikeway, closer to Minute Maid, closer to the Bayou trails, etc. Just my 2 cents tho
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