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  1. Did anyone go on the tour today? What houses did you like and why? How would you rank the houses, top to bottom? Dream
  2. I want to go look at samples of existing white terrazzo floors. Can you think of locations around Houston with great examples of perfect terrazzo floors? Like the Exxon building in downtown Houston. I'm considering putting these into my new house. Thanks, Dream
  3. it looked like they put a basement in the building, plus no windows, it looks like a weird big box. good location though. what about the boat store across the street? doesn't fit the hood at all. dream
  4. I"m really happy to see this coming back from the dead. I don't think the loss of retail space is that big of a deal, small and large retailers come and go very often in the village. It's a tough retail market with the limited parking. I really hope they put some serious thought and planning into the public spaces as that can really be a draw for the walking public. dream
  5. I went here last week for lunch. Jamie's Bistro looks great and the food is awesome! Go today! Dream
  6. it seemed like the thread was turning into the dog lovers versus the kid lovers and no middle ground. the city has health regulations that don't allow dogs/pets inside a restaurant. i don't care if someone sits out front with a nice dog and eats their meal. will i give the dog water? yes. will i give the dog a treat? yes what if it's a big huge pit bull with tatoos and scares every kid that walks by it? i'm not sure and understand the parents who are concerned. bike rack: yes tables and booths: yes, both counter or full service: counter byob: yes grassy play area: yes coke or pepsi: coke thanks for all the feedback, i got a lot of emails from the mama mafia and the heights kids club blog. the info was great, we are looking forward to opening this summer and meeting everyone in the area. dream
  7. It seems like our customers who walk to our restaurants now with their dogs always sit on the last patio table away from the door. We basically, "don't ask don't tell" and this has worked. We were thinking of having a little can of dog bones and access to water for these customers by the last outdoor table. Dogs are not allowed in the dining room or allowed to go thur the dining room to get to the back yard per coh health code regulation. That's were we are on this issue so everyone can chill. dream
  8. We are making design decisions now in the planning process for this restaurant opening. We have some choices in how we are going to set this restaurant up and how the customer will experince JNH. I'd like some feedback. Look for us to open this summer in June. Thanks, Dream Booths or tables and chairs? Counter service or full service? Should we close at 10pm or 9pm? What time should we open on Sunday noon or 11am? How many high chairs will I need 4, 6, or 8? Will the neighborhood walk or ride their bike? How many bikes should the bike rack hold? Patio out front under the awning or in the back with a big grassy play area? Coke or pepsi? Access to water for dogs outside and free dog bones? Y or N
  9. This is a great thread. I have not been to Pie in the Sky yet but will stop by in the next few days. Every new place has issues with staff, training and working the kinks out. It's really great to see how passionate the Heights residents are about supporting and recommending a new restaurant in their hood. It sounds like if you're going to open a restaurant in this area you had better be ready to go from day one because the people are coming to eat. I'd like the residents of the Heights to give me some feedback (posteres in this thread) on some questions I have about our restaurant design and customer experience. I will be posting these questions in the Heights section, in the Jenni's Noodle House thread. thanks, dream
  10. in the back of "atomic ranch" magazine they have a few companies that sell sculptures like the one you want. you can but the magazine at issues on shepherd. dream
  11. niche, i really appreciate how you were an "open book" during this whole process of losing your job and going on the job hunt. reading thru the posts from the start and seeing how you dealt with this, planned your next step, and marketed yourself has been a real eye opener. this downturn, esp commercial real estate, has been brutal. the way you have been turned down at every corner must be very frustrating. thank you and i wish you the best of luck. fyi: my 2 cents: you are a smart guy, you should start your own business, hard work and a little luck is all it takes. what's the worst that can happen, it doesn't work, so what, at least you tried. dream
  12. sounds like this is what you are looking for, great neigborhood, very close to action in midtown, montrose, and close to work. i would make sure you had an assigned parking spot in a gated secure area. there is some crime around here and cars get broken into. dream
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