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  1. ABC13 covered the marathon and has footage of runners in the new tunnels. The footage is at the 1:51:50 mark. 2022 Chevron Marathon @BigFootsSocks If you spot yourself in the video let us know! Congratulations on finishing!
  2. Another publication has come across this (rebrand) hotel. Travel Daily News
  3. Article about David Mitzner The Survivor Who Built The Marriott Marquis Informative read.
  4. Bloomberg ran a piece about the super bowl and booking a hotel in Houston. Planning your super bowl trip
  5. Houston Transformation Conference – Panel 3: Michael Skelly Bayou Greenways Improvements
  6. Houston Transformation Conference – Panel 1: Jack Ohly & Matthew Urbanski - Menil Collection
  7. Houston Transformation Conference – Panel 1: Mary Margaret Jones - Discovery Green Changes and improvements coming
  8. Houston Transformation Conference – Panel 2: Thomas L. Woltz - Memorial Park Fantastic information regarding the history and future transformation of Memorial Park
  9. http://cw39.com/2015/04/16/is-houston-the-new-star-for-international-tourists/#ooid=ZxZHlqdDpbkWHFbe-T4Onfx59Ip7ylR1
  10. From an article in the February Thrillist. 8 AMERICAN TRAVEL DESTINATIONS THAT ARE ABOUT TO BLOW UP 1. Albuquerque 2. Boulder 3. St. Petersburg, FL 4. Vieques Island, Puerto Rico 5. Houston 6. Reno 7. Outer Banks, NC 8. Mesa, AZ BY MATT MELTZER "Houston, TX Right now, you are pointing to your screen and yelling: "There is ABSOLUTELY no reason to go to Houston. Ever." And we might tend to agree with you. But you know who doesn’t? Travel experts. Orbitz.com found a 60% increase in flight and hotel bookings in Houston over the past five years. And which city had the second-most hotel rooms built in 2015 after New York City? No, not Miami, Not Las Vegas. Freaking Houston. Yes, yes, we get that a lot of that travel is for conventions, conferences, and business, but as Orbitz.com's senior editor Jeanenne Tornatore puts it: "Houston has shown that low gas prices can drive regional tourism and attract travelers hoping to cut costs." So, admittedly, it may be the towns on the Texas coast that are the true up-and-comers, but at least Houston is cool enough to get its own Thrillist edition." An underhanded, yet gracious compliment. *Apologies for the incorrect quoting format.
  11. A linear version of the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore would be spectacular in place of the Pierce.
  12. With the recent upsurge in residential housing and interest in all things downtown, this Target concept is exactly the type of development Downtown Houston needs. http://www.bizjournals.com/twincities/news/2015/12/23/target-s-2016-store-plan-urban-urban-and-more.html
  13. Is this an Asian hotel brand? Looks like a hotel you'd find in the center of Seoul or Osaka or similar place.
  14. This is the reason I like it. It stays true to the Houston form.
  15. This is remarkable work! Thanks for sharing your interest with us. I'm going to use the skyline shot as my desktop background for a while. Any plans in the future to include metrorail?
  16. I could easily see this being in the Museum District, Reliant Park, or at the BBVA Stadium stop. With that being said, I would still prefer it to be downtown. Downtown is the signature stop.
  17. A friend and I were discussing the grand Sam Houston statue located in Huntsville. We both agreed that it should be located in the heart of Houston. I searched to see if Houston was or had considered such an endeavor and ran across the "Spirit of Houston" thread on HAIF. I've been indulging in HAIF since that time. Like Bachanon, I was also pre-crash.
  18. Quite the photographic eye. This is an excellent view of the fountain I have not seen before.
  19. Fantastic captures. I look forward to seeing more.
  20. Big changes are coming to the Galleria. http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/article/Galleria-project-aims-to-up-glam-factor-4788137.php From the Chron article:
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