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  1. Was is this the original location for European Imports Co. in 1946??
  2. I remember an old ice house on Almeda, it was next to the riding stables on the edge of Herman Park. My recollection is from the late 50's when I was a kid and loved ice-cold Cokes pulled out of an icy cooler!
  3. My wife to-be and I went to the Charity Horse Show in 1966 on a date.......
  4. Poster done by National Airlines.....interesting to see what they highlighted.
  5. Winterland - my wife took skating lessons there from Ronnie Roberts in the late 50's. Ronnie won a Silver Medal at the 1956 Winter Olympics.
  6. I believe the last Nabisco plant was further out Alameda.
  7. My wife and I have a lot of connections to this neighborhood. She went to grade school at the old Montrose School and we both were at the University of St. Thomas, classes of '68 and '69 and finally we lived at 719 W. Main in the early '70's before we moved away from Houston.
  8. There are also a large number of international students at the University of St. Thomas.......
  9. Small world....my wife was at Montrose School at that time in the 5th. grade.
  10. I didn't go to Oaks, but I attended the 6th. grade at St. Mary's in 1958, when they had a school.
  11. "Blood Rich" by Jane Wolfe, it's about the Sakowitz's, Wyatt's, etc.
  12. I wonder if that is the same "Norton" that established the Norton Ditto Men's Store'
  13. There was also a ceramics studio that was called Mo-Lee's. My wife took lessons there in the early 70's. She later became a ceramic artist when we lived in California.
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