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  1. Obsessed? If I was really obsessed, wouldn't I have responded to you a week ago? LOL. As Marie Barone once said on Everybody Love Raymond reruns, "It's not obsessed if you love someone."
  2. I get it. People just like to b¡tch. I realize that this is the exclusive purpose for which the internet was created. But it's odd that there would be a forum dedicated to Houston Architecture if EVERY building in Houston was safe and boring. Even odder to want to be a moderator of that website. It would be like a homophobe moderating a gay booty call site. Fascinated and disgusted at the same time? ⚢🏳️‍🌈 But i'm not judging. Everybody has bad days and over reacts every now and then. Except me. Just kidding. I over react all the fcking time. 🙃 I like this building just fi
  3. For a place that has nothing, nothing's ever good enough.
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