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  1. If I went to that drive in theater, I'd probably be looking a the downtown skyline more than the movie.
  2. I sure wish we had one of these right now. Or an Ike dike.
  3. I say we give trump just ONE more chance. On second thought, let's not. Covid cases - 750,000 Covid deaths - 40,000 American unemployment - 22,000,000 Price of Oil - $0 Face it. MAGA is dead. And KAG never had a chance.
  4. Not saying you should love it or like it, but this building is NOT shit. Almost everything around it IS shit and there is a huge difference. I don't get your shit analogy at all on this one. It doesn't matter to me who built it or how long it took them or whether or not the market has changed or even if they didn't build it to my exact preferred taste. Visually, it's still a major improvement and makes Midtown better IMO. To use your shit analogy, I would say its more like being in possession of a perfectly healthy digestive system that only does what it is supposed to do as opposed to having
  5. Cheer up. It's not that bad. The positives far outweigh the negatives. Personal taste issues like keystones, brick colors, top heaviness and the non-contemporary style of this building are nothing compared to the pathetic buildings that are just across the street in any direction. Although I wouldn't have chosen this building style or look out of a catalog, this building is far down my list of buildings to complain about in Midtown. I think at this point with so many buildings I'd love to see replaced in the area, I'm just focusing on whether a building is helping or hurting Midtown. This one
  6. Thank you, but you can keep your poop all to yourself. I can smell your opinion from here. 😷 I don't have any problems with this building. It certainly is no prize, but I know it's definitely moving Midtown in the right direction and it's better looking than anything built on any of the adjacent blocks (at least for now). I may learn to hate this building more in the future if Caydon takes over the rest of Midtown and everything starts looking like Laneways and Drewery Place. But until then Midtown could do much worse and HAS done much worse than this building - or maybe you'd pref
  7. The real thing looks better than the rendering this time. This is a real winner in my book. 😃
  8. And I guess they could have sat on that land for another 20 years if they had wanted to or sold it to another company that didn't give poo about even giving that land 'the illusion' of 'urban' or 'walkability' or park access. Camden or somebody else might have built something that looked just like the one of the 300 other buildings in Midtown you seem to have less or no problem with. I'm only asking this because I don't know. Is the MRA building the park on the superblock or is Camden? Was Camden forced to build a park on that land? Could Camden have built apartments on their pa
  9. Again. There are more deserving buildings in Midtown to rag on. Hundreds of them. Some them didn't even bother to turn part of the land into a park at all. In fact, none of them did. Camden is the only one I can think of that did that. Do you know how many years that 'superblock' was an empty lot before Camden turned part of it into a park? I don't know. I don't remember what was there before Camden except for a giant empty weed patch. Surely something was there before. Was it nicer than what is there now? I wish the city or Camden had made the whole superblock a park but really, you're luck
  10. That's right. No legs. At this rate, your iPhone will eliminate the need to get out of bed altogether, unless you're being paid to do it. Just kidding. I know there is at least a 'desire' if not a need for walkability. I prefer the residential buildings with GFR too. But the last mall I went to didn't make me feel very optimistic about the future of shops that nobody really needs anymore. My only real point is why rag on Camden, when Midtown has so many genuine monstrosities to rally against. dbigtex's has every right to complain about Camden's issues. I don't really disagree with
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