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  1. I received this e-mail today. If you attended Mt. Carmel, you will probably want to attend... "ONE LAST VISIT" May 28, 2008 The Mount Carmel High School administration, faculty, and students Invite all to come celebrate 52 years of tradition on Wednesday, May 28 The festivities begin with Mass at 8:30 a.m. on the football field Activities will continue until 9 p.m. Come share your memories with alumni and tour the school for "One Last visit" For ????'s please e-mail dhuffman@aol.com or call Dennis Huffman at 713-816-1461
  2. Joe Morgan Eddie Matthews Nellie Fox Hines Hall? Edit: Oh yeah, Hines isn't an architectural firm.
  3. Do you really think it's worse now than it was before they installed traffic lights? I was relieved when they installed them -- geez I can't remember how many years ago that was, maybe 20? But I knew lots of people, including myself, who were in wrecks before the lights, but I thought it was better know. Anyone know?
  4. I used Taco Cabana once for about 50 people. The price was cheap, the food was okay, but they were 45 minutes late.
  5. Here's the latest. They have arrested two people: http://www.examinernews.com/articles/2008/...news/news10.txt
  6. Wow, your residences are incredible. If I can ever afford to build a house, I'm calling you. That's exactly what I like. The houses have a mid century feel even though they look very 21st century. They aren't pretentious like many new "modern" homes, IMO. I'll echo Willowisp's question -- are these in Houston where we could drive by and take a look?
  7. Go on the Spring web site and look for their coverage maps. You can type in your address and it will tell you if you are in a good or fair coverage area. I'm in a fair area -- but the reality is it's poor coverage!
  8. Try this in LaGrange... http://www.lagrangetourism.com/History/His...-Jailhouse.html I haven't been there, so I can't vouch for it.
  9. I have Sprint and experience the same problem lockmat mentioned -- crappy reception inside the house. I plan on switching to Verizon.
  10. These kids today... There's no way I'm letting my son NOT get his license when he turns 16. Hell, at 18 he'll be going away to college. He needs those two years of driving at home to get the necessary experience before he goes away. Plus, he needs to do the grocery shopping for me When I was in high school, all my friends got their license as soon as they turned 16. There was no question. You just did it. You wanted to do it -- really badly.
  11. My husband has been there on many, many business trips and says its his favorite city.
  12. You were most likely born at the Jeff Davis Hospital on Allen Parkway, not the one on Elder. See post 86 on this page for a photo: http://www.houstonarchitecture.info/haif/i...ic=38&st=75
  13. And just like a self-storage unit -- it's got a monthly usage fee!
  14. Nice job, Boris. It was a perfect day for Hermann Park. Glad to see so many people taking advantage of it. I wonder what the blue stuff is that's oozing out of the refrigerator on the front stoop?
  15. The risk of my own uneasiness -- even if it's unreasonable.
  16. Any time I have to type in my SSN and send it over the airwaves, I better be sure it's for something worthwhile. $6 is not worthwhile.
  17. I found 6 bucks from 2006. But they're asking for my social security number -- and I'd rather not take the risk for $6.
  18. We pay $160 per month (weekly service)
  19. More info on William Marsh Rice: A movie called "The Trust"... http://killgore.info/killgore/Kfeatures.htm It's historically accurate (what I've heard) and incredibly interesting. I think many of you would find it worthy of your time. The writer/director works at Rice still.
  20. The story of Jesse Jones, as others have mentioned, is really interesting. There's a great documentary, "Brother, Can You Spare a Billion?", from PBS, written by Steven Fenberg who works for the Houston Endowment, which Jones started decades ago. http://www.pbs.org/jessejones/
  21. When I was in first grade (early 70s) my class went on a field trip to the Roy Rogers near Gulfgate. We didn't just stop there on the way to or from another destination -- the trip was specifically to visit the restaurant. It was all great fun to 6-year-olds. But can you imagine the parental uproar that would happen today if a school organized a field trip to a fast food restaurant?
  22. nativehou

    Tea Bar

    I second that -- emphatically.
  23. I would like it if they got rid of the weird blue and red scribbles at the top.
  24. The black hooded sweatshirt has been mentioned a few times, I believe. If it's more than one person, then I would bet they're working together.
  25. nativehou

    Tea Bar

    What's the general idea? High end with a clubby atmosphere?
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